Fitness Bike Exercise Bike – Ciclotte Combines Luxury And Functionality

fitness bike exercise bike Ciclotte brick

A combined project of luxury, functionality and ergonomics – Ciclotte

Ciclotte is an innovative exercise bike that is designed and created in Italy. The device combines designer form and technology, combines the traditional aesthetics with the functional use of the Hometrainers. It has made of special materials such as carbon, steel and glass fibers Ciclotte and so you got a complete innovation in the fitness industry thanks to the unique technology of the Epicycloid transmission system.

Ciclotte is designed – a young designer from Milan and Bergamo Lamiflex group produced by Luca Schieppati, immediately in the eye with his equipment, which emphasizes the functional aspects.

You wanted to create a design for everyday life, where work and relaxation, movement and entertainment share a single dimension in a flexible period, where all objects interact.

Thanks to his lines, which are inspired by the ergonomics and offer the essential, Ciclotte is both – a fitness device and a piece of furniture, which can be integrated in different rooms.

Fitness bike exercise bike

fitness bicycle bike luxury black ergonomics

The great wheel of Ciclotte forms the cornerstone of the project. A large ring is transformed to an old fashioned bike by the end of the 1800s in a subject of the superior technology is called a must-have in the design world and the luxury to be fitness. Other distinguishing features include exceptional carbon handles, a touch screen, these are inspired by the home automation systems. Ciclotte is designed to show a representation of the dynamics and resignation brake that is ideal for highly intense workouts such as spinning from a technical standpoint.

Ciclotte is a natural consequence of the Ciclò project, an innovative example of a city bike, which is a part of the exhibited collection at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan.

At the entrance he occupies no place

fitness bike exercise bike environment nature design

Worry more about, where you can place your exercise bike, it can be placed anywhere in the home. The fashion designers try to invent the trademarks, to keep up with the lifestyle of its customers, therefore not surprise you is if you find collaborations with numerous companies outside of the fashion range. A typical design is the exercise bike Roberto Cavalli for Ciclotte collection’, which we now present.

Valuable presentation of the product

fitness bike exercise bike exhibition

Masculine appearance

flooring tiles fitness bike exercise bike

Suitable for ladies

fitness bike exercise bike decoration effect

Available in several colors

fitness types bike exercise bike colors

Exceptional, innovative technology

fitness bike luxury design exercise bike handle

Office and fitness at home

fitness bike exercise bike lamp shade

Living room furniture – floor lamp with style

exercise bike carpet round project fitness bike collaboration

Ciclotte – elegant and functional

fitness bike exercise bike round ring

Brilliant surface – bicycle

fitness picture frame wall bicycle bike black surface

In the swimming pool

fitness bike exercise bike stone wall pool

Even in the bathroom, you can apply the exercise bike Ciclotte

glass partition wall bathtub wood fitness bike exercise bike Wall lamp