Funny Cakes Call Fairy Tales And Dreams In Life

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unusual cakes wedding cake funny idea

Funny cakes – fancy cakes inspired designs, that you

We have good news: not only the witch from “Hensel and Gretel” can make funny cakes in the form of houses. Also many other pastry chefs are able to achieve such great results.

Beautiful wedding cake

unusual cakes wedding cake chocolate

Delightful design in white and purple

fancy cakes beautiful design food treats

Funny wedding cake for the most beautiful day in the life

funny cakes great wedding cake bus

Build a great House straight away!

Can you still have the home of your dreams? Or you would rather just a castle? After all, you could bring a fun pie in this special look with ginger flavor to the table. This time you should understand this in the literal sense!

Perfect to the smallest detail

funny cakes house design treats

There are also certain occasions… Christmas in nearly eight months, but for this recipe here, you would have to exercise very much, we think!

A huge masterpiece

funny cakes food treats beautiful ideas House

Funny cakes in the form of a swimming pool or sea

HM, you can eat even a sea. A swimming pool seems to be also really sweet. If it’s too cold for these great experiences in the open, you can meet is already in the short term but this dream in the form of a cake.


You didn’t need to bake a huge cake for a birthday. You could put it together with your children, try to small houses. You be better every week. Who knows, if you create a fun cake in the form of whole village yourself at the next big event. Imagine the pleasure when the whole of chocolate has been created!

Bewitch the day!

The witches have not only bad sites? Of which we have but the idea of tinker cottage made of sugar and chocolate! So why search not a suitable occasion to devote some fun cake where?

Fascinating unconventional

fancy cakes the evil witch queen

You can present it in person, or represent but also popular fairy tales, in which they play an important role.

Fancy cake with favorite heroes

funny cakes fairy popular Heroes

Elegance in purple shades

funny cakes several sticks of purple shades candles

Looking for adventure

It’s really unique that you can bring your own and the individuality of children through the fun cakes to express. Do you fancy adventure then? Then, the cakes, which you order, can represent various exotic animals.

Colored snake

funny cakes animals design colored

Have a look at but this sweet snake!

Oh, man! And find the worms are still uncomfortable after this beauty here?

Beautiful design

funny cakes design animals insects

Find the own treasure chest

Have you always dreamed of finding a treasure chest? They say visualization would help to meet the needs.

Then you make but a delicious cake, which represents exactly what you want

funny cakes failed design treasure box

The sea

Is the sea theme one of the most popular at the funny cakes? We have no idea why this is so… It looks look that we all love this topic and everywhere and on all occasions always again it would like to see.

Represent the underwater world

funny cakes sea animals colour

It has wonderfully played the waves

fancy cakes nuances of blue sea theme

The variations are many, and they are by far not only for children. The nautical theme is very grown-up, even as explained from an animation. Some are so beautiful that they could come even as the basis for an idea for a wedding by the sea in use!

Elegant white cake, which is reminiscent of the sea

unusual cakes wedding cake White Sea elements

Funny wedding cakes

Want to make your wedding with humor? Do you think that as a start is better? Then you see this other guests very open by you are looking for a great and funny wedding cake. Ideas find not a few, because as you know, you like jokes with the theme. Here are some that we have selected for you!

Humorous decoration

fancy cakes funny Hochzeitsstorte

Show creativity in the decoration of the cake

unusual cakes wedding funny wedding cake

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