Google Doodle And The National Holiday In Austria

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National holiday in Austria Google Doodle 2009

When is the national holiday in Austria?

What you might have to do ever Doodle with the national day of Austria? Nothing, actually unless it involves the so-called doodles of Google. English is doodle – doodle, doodle. Thus, the Visual, graphical change of the corporate logo of Google is meant on some of its Web pages. We all know that already. In this way various events all over the world are celebrated national holidays – birthdays, anniversaries, etc. At the beginning of the logos were simple, but they were always more detailed over time and have become nowadays even interactive in the form of games or quiz. So, for example the PacMan game is logo as one of the most popular among the users. In the first year of the doodles, 1998, these only three were. Today, world’s new doodles occur almost every day. There is something to celebrate, commemorate or simply admiring always somewhere. So, even the discovery of water on Mars with a funny doodle was honoured. Many creative ideas are constantly implemented by many Doodler team at Google. Members of this team are especially graphic designers and illustrators and the doodlers are called internally.

Celebrations for the national holiday in Austria

national holiday in Austria festive parade

Back to Austria’s national holiday. This is celebrated each year on October 26. For all Austrians, this occasion means mainly independence and neutrality. So is written also in the Federal Constitutional law. The national day was created in connection with the signing of the Treaty of May 15, 1955. This agreement was the first step of in Austria on the road to freedom from occupation by the Allied forces (United States, Soviet Union, France and the United Kingdom). Ten years later, on October 25, 1965, the last British troops left the territory of Austria and began also officially the complete independence of the country.

The proud red-white red flag and the Eagle coat of arms

Traces from Dionisio Codama Sao Paulo, Brasil Http;// http://aimore.NET

The celebrations include numerous events each year. The program of the Federal Army at the heldenplatz in Vienna is quite important. After the service in the crypt, follows the wreath-laying ceremony, headed by the Lord President and the Federal Government.

Then the audience can see even the swearing in of the recruits, as well as the military parade

national holiday in Austria Federal Army parade

With the current membership in the EU, as well as with a possible membership in NATO, Austria’s neutrality could be used on the game. Many citizens ask, what would happen with the Federal Constitutional law. Of course, only the future can answer very clearly.

Oh, and something else: the annual Doodle 4 Google competition begins this year on October 19 under the motto: “what makes me…me.” Also students can participate and employ all possible materials to create the Google Doodle draft. Creative and free to express themselves, is the main goal of the competition. The winning logo will adorn the homepage of Google then at a later point. Simply join or encourage your loved ones there to trade actively. The challenge is worthwhile in any case.

The National Doodle Day 2010

national holiday in Austria Google Doodle 2010

Creative’s went further in 2011

national holiday in Austria Google Doodle 2011

And so the doodle looked 2012

national holiday in Austria Google Doodle 2012

Thus Austria was honoured by Google in 2013

national holiday in Austria Google Doodle 2013

And last year we have ridiculed this gorgeous Doodle

national holiday in Austria Google Doodle 2014

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