Green Mint And Its Healthy Effect

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Spearmint leaves spindly healthy

Spearmint – a treasure of nature that will keep young in the third age

Is for ever too early to think about your own health in the certain age? Actually not. If you want to be active in old age and still for many years want to look younger, then you should make early enough so a lot. There are examples that you can be super active and happy at any age, but everywhere around us. Do you belong to the blessed group? Although we don’t have an influence on everything, actually very much ourselves depends. Includes in addition to the movement and the positive thinking certainly the healthy diet.

Dry leaves from Spearmint

dry leaves green Mint healthy living

Tea with Spearmint and lemon

tea healthy cooking green mint

A good reason to maintain the garden

There are many different reasons why one should cultivate a garden. In any case, the planting of green Mint includes also. Although, in a flower pot or other elaborate conditions, it would be also possible. Our life is not only the possibility of again and again to pick them, but only the aroma and the presence of this green plant, conscious and healthier.

Spear Mint in the patio plant

garden plant Spearmint plant a fragrant

Enjoy the lovely scent of Spearmint in your garden

Spearmint healthy living nutrition

Great culinary usage

You can add many soups, Green Mint . These are mainly the simple food, which need a certain trick to be really unique. They also help that overall our food healthier effect. Because it has an antiseptic and pain mitigating effect. The secretions in the stomach-intestinal system are more fluent and more. The blood vessels are enlarged.

Curled Mint as a spice

Spearmint healthy eating healthy living

Add this spindly in the dining

healthy eating vegetables green Mint

A helpful remedy for hormonal fluctuations in the women?

Some studies in recent years show that the Green Mint may helps for the regulation of hormonal fluctuations. It is advisable in this context, to drink tea from Spearmint. Only 5 grams in 250 millilitres in the seven days of ovulation phase and 5 days before menstruation, enough so that you get a visible effect. Since there are no known side effects, it is worth, try this, or?

A healthy tea

Spearmint leaves tea preparation

Leaves for tea

Spearmint tea prepare healthy living

What good is still the plant Green Mint ?

Known for its beneficial effects in other areas. It helps against stomach pains and such in the heart area. For colds, problems with the bile and the liver, the Mint also help. Many gynecological diseases are thereby also positively influenced.

To refresh, if you are very tired, curled Mint is also very good

Spearmint healthy living nutrition

Did you get just want to drink a cup spear mint tea? I already have!

healthier life Spearmint leaves

Curled Mint in combination with other ingredients

healthy drinks tea preparing Spearmint

Combine different spice herbs, among which also curled Mint

healthy eating Spearmint spice herbal combination

Prepare the leaves in a bowl for use

Spearmint leaves healthy diet

Interesting plant pot for the spear-Mint

plants garden healthy green Mint

Plant the garden with aromatic herbs

Spearmint garden plants a healthy

Curled Mint smells nice and is healthy. She would write a beautifully in the garden design

healthy living nutrition Spearmint

Curled Mint in the flower pot

Spearmint flower pot plants

Spear Mint as decoration? Why because not?

Spearmint plant a flower pot indoor plants

Decorate the balcony

balcony design plant Spearmint Peppermint

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