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Group costumes for Carnival – various options and the meaning behind it

What is the funny Fasching-costume, you each have seen? Have you noticed what incredible ideas have some people in Cologne?

What has impressed me the most in my life, was a man who was disguised as a shower. Yes, you read correctly it – like a shower! A framework in this form he had attached to his body and then he has around different curtains drum.

Unfortunately got a picture of it! However, the incidence is impressively original, or?

The Group costumes for Carnival – meaning

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The Group costumes in many are actually Carnival traditions in a way a must. This is the case in Brazil. Because of the Carnival to the large crowd in the parade. There are represented various themes and allegory. You must contribute through their own Panel.

Group costumes at the Carnival can be differently interpreted and understood. It can be several people, all of which have the same clothes.

Whinnie the Pooh

group costumes family Carnival cheap failed Whinnie the Pooh

Group costumes can be but also a famous scene from a legend, story or a film. It may also involve the heroes in these. So an idea is always fun. Do you know what the Group costumes for the Carnival are down?

Friendly jungle animals

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To wear such group costumes at the Carnival is really brave.  Many people embody the same figure. There are such illustrations to see especially during parades. Below is a great snake. The realization of such group costumes Carnival – is idea, which requires really good confidence and a great atmosphere, so that at the end everyone always still get well…

Actually, they are also wonderful ideas

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Even more such great examples for group costumes at the Carnival…

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Group costumes are becoming more commonplace at the Carnival in Germany, but you can get easily also inspiration from various corners of the world. Believe us: If you look at enough examples, you will certainly find your own perfect idea.

Super Mario

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Ask yourself but in advance some questions:

What kind of the above group costumes for Carnival you want actually?

Should it be more traditional for the city, the country, or something more exotic?

Should it have a neutral, animal, human subjects, which is just funny?

Do you express a deeper message in a metaphorical manner together with your friends?

Stick figure family

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If the last answer is Yes, then you would have to find out even if there are enough people who want to realize this idea with you. Because, depending on the case, it can be a view to a global or purely political question, that not everyone shares.

Look at our image gallery and if you like our examples, you can then determine whether they would be more or less suitable according to the above criteria.

HM, look at this example for group costumes at the Carnival: who wanted to be favourite as a child?

group costumes for Carnival LLC of minions

Computer games – colorful component group costumes for Carnival LLC

Plan a journey of discovery

group costumes for Carnival LLC Discoverer

Track star Ken

group costumes for Carnival Carnival costumes Barbie Ken

Dressed as musicians

group costumes for Carnival Carnival costumes costumes pirates

Continue with the cooperation

group costumes Carnival costumes costumes Rubik's cube

Green figures – soldiers group costumes for Carnival cheap green failed soldier figures

On the subject of sports

group costumes Carnival Carnival costumes costumes statue Musketeers…

group costumes for Carnival cheap Musketeers failed

…oder pirates

group costumes for Carnival cheap pirates failedSamson’s family

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LEGO figures group costumes for Carnival cheap LEGO failed family

Original group costumes

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Extreme Carnival costumes

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Cheerful, attractive costumes funny funny superhero ideas costumes