Healthy Heart – The Right Food It Will Give You Back Up!

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Apple eating red fruits apples

The 10 foods that provide you a healthy heart

You always don’t need a break? Have thought about because at some point actually how your heart! It must certainly not much will be charged. And in some people it goes so far that they can slow the rhythm even not in between. No wonder, then, that occur when so many people to heart disease. What we want to suggest so today is to bring some products, which will assist you on the way to a continuously healthy heart home. If you regularly eat these, you will feel really comfortable and healthier.

Eat Eggplant

healthy heart Eggplant vegetable food

Garlic is also very healthy for your heart

healthy heart food healthy food garlic

Add but onion to the food!

onion eating healthy eating healthy living

Eggplant for a healthy heart

To have a healthy heart , it should supply the own organism with folate. You will find them abundantly in the eggplant. For this reason, it is advisable to take as much as possible. Risk of stroke is so much smaller.

The healthy effect of Eggplant

healthy heart Eggplant eating healthy food


Hawthorn is the next plant, which you should remember. This is not known as fruit remedies without reason. It is interesting that all this green plant parts are very healthy. You can improve the cardiovascular system and the work of the heart muscle.

The arterial pressure and heart rhythm are thus significantly improved

healthy heart Hawthorn food food

Hawthorn is a healthy food

healthy heart food healthy Hawthorn

Pheasant’s eye (Adonis volgensis)

Have you heard already? It contains biological ties, which are very important for a healthy heart. Above all people with high blood pressure and other problems of this kind should take very much of it. Also for those who are very nervous and heart problems have developed on this basis, it is very important.

Adonis volgensis called pheasant eye

healthy heart pheasant eye Adonis Volgensis

Grape seeds

The grape seeds are characterized as strong antioxidants. You will have strong capillaries, veins and arteries through the affluent consumer. Thus, your heart of less will have to do. Then it will remain healthy longer. This remedy is also very helpful for hypertension and problems with the veins. The active ingredients have an effect, which can be compared with the aspirin has been proven.

Is also healthy to eat grape seeds,

healthy heart have food grape seeds

Black grape

healthy heart grape seeds healthy food

Apricots nuts

Here, the opinions diverge pretty heavily. They contain vitamin B17 the very dangerous substances. But at the same time it said it would help against cancer. Vegetable fats make it one of the best remedies for arteriosclerosis. They contain also potassium and so directly help you to keep a healthy heart.

Are apricots nuts healthy or dangerous?

healthy heart apricots nuts food

Apricots and their nuts

apricots nuts healthy eating lifestyle

Linen seeds

They are perfect for prophylaxis against various cancer diseases. Fatty acids, which can be replaced with nothing similar can be found as ingredients. These are in turn vital to the heart muscle. The consumer will encourage the heart rhythm and reduce the Committee of cholesterol.


Onions help very much when trying to combat various heart diseases. It’s an antibiotic that comes from nature.

It contains Quercetin, and this is simply unique for this purpose

onion eating healthy food ideas


If you want to have a healthy heart, you should eat best too much garlic. It’s a natural antibiotic agent. He helps to produce more nitrogen oxides in the walls of blood vessels.

Cloves of garlic

cloves garlic food healthy heart


These contain Quercetin. It’s not as much as with the onions. But you increase also the own chances in the long run to have a healthy heart .

Fresh Green apples

healthy heart eating Apple Green Apple

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