Healthy Lifestyle – Long Life Enjoy

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Healthy lifestyle can be for everyone!

Follow our tips and suggestions for a better life by just keep reading

Do not smoke

Everyone can stop smoking. This is the Effektvollste thing you can do against a future disease. Seek advice from your GP and prevent possible future diseases.

Stay healthy and live long!

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Do as much sports

remain sport long life sports activity and bustle

Let movement activity – refresh your body and soul and excite the sport. Jogging, gardening, swimming, cycling and other similar activities would certainly influence your health. At least 30 minutes per day to sports, to notice the improvement and in the body.

Maintain a healthy diet

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In short, a healthy diet means the following:

At least five servings, or 7-9 servings of fruits or vegetables per day.

Forest berries contain valuable nutrients

healthy loving lifestyle healthy remaining fruit

One-third of most food to give you strength (such are cereals, whole wheat bread, potatoes, rice, pasta)
Reduce fat food like fat meat, cheese, milk, fried food, butter, etc. using you low-fat spreads.

Healthy breakfast

healthy lifestyle healthy cereal stay

2-3 fish meals per week, and at least a species should be “bold” (such fish species include herring, mackerel, sardines, kippers, salmon or fresh tuna)
Eat rather lean meat or poultry such as chicken
Reduce the amount of salt in your food and avoid salty foods.

Enrich your menu with different kinds of fish!

healthy lifestyle healthy fish stay

Try to take off, if you have overweight or obese!

Try to lose your weight % 5-10. Very often these kilos are 5-10.

Regular sport activity

diet hold and sport driving

Not drink alcohol!

Watch on the amount of alcohol that you drink. At least 2 alcohol-free days a week you should have

Refreshing mixed drink of cucumber, parsley and other green nature gifts

healthy lifestyle healthy cucumber stay

More details:

For more information, please visit the best your family doctor.

Stretching exercises for the legs

Length: 5 minutesFacilities: noExercise: FlexibilityMuscles: lower body (rear thigh muscles, quadriceps, glutes)Fitness level: suitable for beginners and people with reduced mobility)Safety precautions: before stretching you should warm up; always stretch your muscles after your own range of motion, prevent the pain point

Why you must eat more avocado

healthy nutrients lifestyle healthy remaining avocado

The avocado is one of the healthiest foods around the world. It has about 25 essential nutrients that are important for our health. The fat in the avocado, which lowers the cholesterol level is simply unsaturated. In addition, also its richness in antioxidants helps (the folic acid in der Avocado können die DNS der Zellen ausbessern) gegen cell damage.) If you regularly eat avocado, you can protect yourself from cancer.

Stretching exercises for legs

healthy stay long life sports activity stretching

Be active and alive

active healthy life body Aufwährmen

Various vegetable juices

healthy stay long life sports activity vegetable juice

Healthy, useful herbs and spices

healthy long life sports activity remaining herbs

More fruits and vegetables

healthy summery stay long life sports activity fruit

Communicate happiness and adventure

friends stay healthy long life sports activity Joggin

Enjoyment of life

healthy green stay enjoy long life sports activity

Enjoy every little thing

Sun enjoying life fun fresh healthy

Sport knows no age

long life sports activity remain together

Drinking too much water

healthy lifestyle healthy eating remain

Water jug full of fruit healthy lifestyle healthy water remaining fruit

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