Modern Architecture And Living – The Definition In New Lock

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modern architecture housing project concept

5 features of contemporary architecture, SOU Fujimoto following

The many scientific, aesthetic and functional aspects make even experts, the definitions of contemporary architecture new to determine this automatically means that they want to understand it.

Within a project in Sao Paolo, Brazil, have become the Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto, the Director of the winning Prize Pritzker, Matha Thorne and the architecture Studio FGMF dedicated to this topic.

This event called himself: “Pontos de vista: facet since architetura contemporanea”(Gesichtspunkte: Gesichter der zeitgenössischen Architektur). The result of the discussion was that it has formulated five methods through which you can create the contemporary Architetkurwerke.

A mixed room – modern architecture and living

modern architecture and residential glass mixed room

Many of the contemporary concepts make it to remove the walls as element of our perception. You know it’s no longer exactly, whether it is indoors or outdoors.

The House well in Tokyo is a great example

modern architecture and residential lighting patio

Anonymous architecture

modern architecture and residential designers design

The Serpentine Pavilion in London vesinnbildlicht this trend.

Fujimoto believes that the architecture of the future will increasingly be intended for collective living

modern architecture housing project concept

Interactive architecture

modern architecture and living facade House

In the work of the FGMF Studio Casa since one can Pérgolas Deslizantes differently put together the pergolas and fashion. You can do as the lukewarm, depending on how you feel.

So you will individualize the own living area in a great manner within the perfect practical framework and Spice up

modern Architektur und Wohnen feat designers

New dimensions

modern architecture and residential steps mirror

To this point, you can specify the library of the University for art Musashinho as an example. There, Funjomoto has integrated different layers and dimensions in the project. He has reached the comfort of residential housing on the one hand and also the world of the forests in the building.

The Prävenzarchitektur

modern architecture and residential wood flooring

Thorne has the point emphasized very committing itself, one must think of the preventive character of the contemporary architecture. Because obviously ever broader strata of the population are facing major natural disasters. It may involve not only building, which resist this. One has to establish many ready-made projects, which you can build up within a few hours.

If we look at the works of contemporary architecture, which we have already shown you, that everything’s right

housing and modern architecture presentation

You can write to one or more of these methods. Even more fascinating we find it now to deal also with this topic. What do you think?

Anonymous architecture

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