Modular Furniture, Compatible With Lego Ideas For Your Interior Design

Posted on Apr 12, 2018

The Lego ideas do not go out of fashion, but they reach new heights and dimensions. Some of them are of crucial importance for the modern interior design. Stüda has created a great collection of designer furniture in cooperation with Italian designers. Depending on their modern design, they are also compatible with Lego. These furniture can be individualized and pepped up by the popular building blocks. Let’s take a closer look!

These stylish Lego ideas will wake up the inner child in you!

lego ideas appealing designer pieces

… and you can also make your interior design together with the little ones!

Lego ideas tinker with children

Basic design, ideal for the Lego ideas

Original and at the same time seamless – these designer furniture can be wonderful even without the Lego ideas Be part of a modern interior. These are different modules, which take on regular geometrical forms, but in combination and through the use of different colors for the exterior and interior appear very individual and original. A typical example is the piece in the picture below. It could be a great garish accent in a modern setting. however, it is noticeable as such only in a front view. The neutral appearance would rather be seen from a different perspective. In some more pictures below it is combined with other modules that appear very neutral inside. It has finally achieved a very interesting effect of surprise, which can be adjusted individually depending on the perspective and interior design. And that’s where the role of Lego Ideas comes from!

The furniture itself has a very modern design and serve as great accents in a modern interior

lego ideas yellow square

Modern interior design for children and adults

We are happy to publish designer furniture ideas that show the modern interior design in its latest levels of development. In this case, the special pieces of furniture help bring the family members together. Together, everyone, regardless of their interests or generational differences, can participate in crafting the interior design. So communication is encouraged and the family usually feels more united and happier. In this case, integration can also be understood as an intensive introduction to the themes of interior design and design. With such concepts as Lego ideas furniture one has this advantage as well. Especially the crafting with children gives you a whole new meaning!

Such designer furniture is certainly something suitable for DIY fans

Game and design – bringing you very close together

The games and the interior are understood as a game. At the same time this does not happen at the expense of the sophisticated and extremely elegant end effect. This is a whole new trend driven by suppliers as well as manufacturers of this furniture. If we look at the practical results and the many possibilities of their use and design, nothing speaks against it! Convince yourself of it using the illustrated Lego ideas in our article.

The appearance can be changed again and again thanks to the Lego ideas

Lego ideas ideas in three colors

Thanks to the colors, you can adapt the Lego bricks to your own interior design.

Lego ideas child-friendly tinkering

The shades in the interior make this designer furniture for a great surprise effect!

lego ideas foolproof shelving system

These designer furniture are child friendly in every way

lego ideas beautiful design

… and the Lego stones only enhance the final effect!

lego ideas classical play

Through such ideas, children and adults can develop a sense of design

lego ideas furniture and children

Monochrome or colored appearance for your interior design – decide it yourself!

great pieces of lego ideas

The Lego colors are trendy and therefore very suitable for the modern interior

great table lego ideas

There is room to play there – a wonderful idea!

Lego ideas playing child

Industrial style is just one of the designs that are suitable for this type of furniture

lego ideas great units

The children could also tinker with it alone….

great children's games lego ideas

… and the results will certainly be appealing!

three colors lego ideas

The blue-gray color palette is always very popular with designer furniture

lego ideas great shelf units

Great Lego bricks can spice up even the smartest design!

lego ideas wall design idea

These great designer furniture with Lego ideas go well with many modern colors

lego ideas white shelf

Like all good modern furniture, these also visually fill the room!

square in yellow lego ideas

You might remember a great art installation.

black white furniture lego ideas

and thereby inspire you to do your own projects.

father and child lego ideas

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