Strange House In Australia Established

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strange holiday home in Australia waves rock

Extraordinary holiday home in Australia

Are you afraid of heights? What is important to you – the freedom or the feeling of security. Whether you dare to approach the nature?  This even in our times, in which natural disasters determine more and more everyday and perception of the world.

We seem to have found the perfect place to exorcise the fear of heights a person totally. We have a House, which is located on the edge of a cliff today for you. For some this sounded like a suicide attempt, for others as a real sense of life and freedom. You have to be brave and you must want to go to your own limits.

Good to know that it is definitely still a concept! It is conceived as a holiday home. The building would have if built, over five floors. Is the project of Cliff home and has been thought on the southwest coast of Victoria, Australia, is called. The different levels only by an elevator are connected.

Strange house in Australia
Built the House of prefabricated modules would

strange holiday home in Australia construction extreme

They are piled on each other. They would be appended on the slope by steel brush. The idea has its origins in the sailors. In the same way, the algae on the body of the ship get stuck.

Admittedly, one would feel not too long time safe in a place. But would it be not the perfect ambience for the holidays? For the not so extreme must be that you really forget everyday life and totally turns from his usual thoughts mentioned here!

Could you imagine yourself in a place?

strange holiday home in Australia window large room

I would say that the fear will take most people, once they are inside. Because the super luxurious design, can feel just comfortable and secure them. Don’t strike up as on a slope, but like in the sea! There’s only more beautiful…

But look in and see for yourself!

strange holiday home in Australia living room

The design and the levels of strange holiday home in Australia designvideo from the Designer Studio

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