The Best Group Costumes For The Carnival 2018

Which is the funny carnival costume you have ever seen? Have you noticed what unbelievable ideas some people in Cologne have?

What impressed me most in my life was a man dressed like a shower cubicle. Yes, you read it right – like a shower cubicle! He had attached a scaffold in this form to his body and then he has different curtains around it.

Unfortunately I have no picture of it! But the idea is impressively original, right?

The group costumes on carnival are a real hit

group costumes fastnacht 2018 unicorn

You can immediately see who belongs to whom

group costumes fastnacht 2018 ladybug

Actually, the group costumes in a lot of carnival traditions are a must. That’s the case in Brazil, for example. Because the carnival is largely in the parade. There various themes and allegories are presented. You have to contribute through your own disguise.

Group costumes at the carnival can be interpreted and understood differently. It can be several people who all have the same clothes.

The group costumes can also be a well-known scene from a saga, story or movie. It can also be the heroes in these. Such an idea is always funny. Do you know what the group costumes for the carnival are alluding to below?

Movie characters and unicorns are the preferred carnival costumes this year

group costumes almost night 2018

To wear such group costumes at the carnival is really courageous. Many people embody the same figure. Especially during parades such representations can be seen. Downstairs you have a great snake. The realization of such group costumes carnival idea is about what really requires a lot of trust and great mood, so that in the end all those involved still understand each other well…

The idea of ​​acting as a dwarf is more fun when all dwarfs are together

groups costumes fastnight 2018 the seven dwarfs

Group costumes at the carnival are more common in Germany, but you can easily get inspiration from different corners of the world. Believe us, if you look at enough examples, you will most certainly find your own perfect idea.

At Carnival all scruples and prejudices fall away

group costumes fastnacht 2018 cats dancing

Cool idea is also that the group creates a single carnival costume

group costumes fastnight 2018 caterpillar

But ask yourself some questions in advance:

What kind of carnival party costumes listed above do you really want?

Should it be more traditional for the city, the country, or rather something exotic?

Should it have a neutral, animal, human theme that is just funny?

The choice of the favorite character from the favorite story is always advantageous, then it seems more believable

group costumes midsummer 2018 harry potter

Some carnival costumes can also be worn for Halloween (vice versa)

group costumes fastnacht 2018 family adams

A men’s round can tolerate some old-school romance

group costumes almost night 2018 with style

As Tetris disguised people, both alone and in a group can arrive well

group costumes fastnight 2018 tetris

When you’re at the games, you can not forget the popular Lego bricks

group costumes fastnight 2018 lego playmobile

Do you want to express a deeper message together with your friends in a metaphorical way?

If the last question is yes, then you also have to find out if there are enough people who want to realize this idea with you. Depending on the case, it can be a view of a world or purely political question that not everyone shares.

Take a look at our picture gallery and if you like our examples, you can decide for yourself whether they would be more or less suitable according to the above criteria…

Exotic masks and costumes from the far east attract the eyes with bright colors

group costumes fastnight 2018 china

Little angels and devils you can also enjoy the carnival

group costumes fastnacht 2018 angel

Colorful, loud and crazy – the carnival atmosphere relaxes everyone

group costumes fastnight 2018 ghosts

Fire and flame – this is the secret of group costumes at the carnival

groups costumes fastnight 2018 fire

Eye-catching costumes and makeup make for a good mood that is contagious

groups costumes fastnight 2018 women's costumes
group costumes fastnight 2018 galiver
group costumes fastnight 2018 mini one
group costumes fastnight 2018 space impact
group costumes fastnight 2018 super mario
groups costumes fastnight 2018 bags of aunts

group costumes fastnight 2018 vespa
group costumes fastnacht 2018 belonging to
group costumes almost night 2018