What Is A Panic Attack And How They Should Be Doing?

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What is a panic attack – trivia and tips

The panic and stress symptoms are very typical for the modern man. You seem also to be distributed among individuals of different age and social groups. The particularly strong attacks of this kind are known as panic attacks. You have psychological and physical symptoms. It is clear that you must search for the true reasons for ye done inside the soul of the person.

Recognize the symptoms of panic attacks in time

panic attack symptoms tips help

Search for medical advice on panic attacks

panic attack symptoms when the doctor advised

What happens when a panic attack?

In most cases we are not able to assess the situation properly. The fear we feel this is not the real danger. Physical symptoms include the tachycardia, sweat, difficulty in breathing, numbness in the feet and hands.

What are the symptoms of a panic attack?

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The individual symptoms of panic attack

To combat the panic attacks, we must diagnose them first. This works only if we know them really well. That’s why we describe them now closer.

Feeling anxious

Usually the victim of panic attacks are hazards, which do not exist in reality. It can be negative thoughts, a bad memory or a factor, which we can not identify. You cause people to panic and lose control of the situation.

Anxiety is one of the signs of panic attacks

panic attack symptoms anxiety tips lifestyle

Not quite there

This symptom can be explained more difficult. Everything is in its place, we see and recognize it. But we feel so, when we are not present, but everything on a screen in front of us would watch. Everything is kinda surreal.

Another symptom of panic attacks is not to be

panic attack symptoms not as his lifestyle

Tightness in the chest

The tightness in the chest is a typical symptom of the panic attack. It is a quite natural consequence from the way how we perceive the situation.

The panic attacks have psychological and physical symptoms

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Lack of air

Respiratory problems follow in many people from the tightness. This also leads to the palpitations. The last three symptoms are very strong.

Dizziness and tachycardia

Not only by difficult breathing, but also because of the fear itself the pulse rises during the panic attack.

Changes in body temperature

We feel something like fever. Most of the time, it is not real but imaginary.

What should we do in the concrete moment?

At the specific moment should calm breathing in the first place. Breathe deeply and out and make it slow. Try within a minute maximum 8 times- breathing out.

– And to exhale helps panic attacks

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Distract yourself!

Try to think on something vaguely reassuring. So they distance themselves from the situation in which you are located. You take time and can regain control of themselves in this. Also reasonable, you can then deal with this.

Can relax and think positive

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The meditation could also help you to calm down

panic attacks coping with tips meditation

Positive thinking

panic attacks tips positive thinking

Relaxing music

If you can, lie down and listen to relaxing music.

Enjoy relaxing music

panic attack coping with tips woman music

Quickly consult a doctor!

The reasons for the panic attacks are very individual. You must be so to go to a doctor and treated individually. Do not wait until you develop all the symptoms. One of them is sufficient as a signal. It means that you move closer to this State.

So you must not feel him with his full strength, you should do something about as soon as possible

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Witnesses of panic attacks

If you are a witness of strange panic attack , you should keep the balance. You see the situation calmly, try the person with gentle voice to convince that he’s alright. In people with respiratory and other chronic problems should be provided first aid and support, while also matching medicines are offered.

Help for panic attacks

panic attack woman you help strips

Once you have made sure that the security person is, you can help this. Note this, to take the newly listed steps – deep one and to exhale, to listen to music, to distract himself. Try to help the affected people.

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