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When is Mardi at the Carnival and in your life…

What do we mean by this title? So “When is Mardi” is one of the most important issues for many women. Because on this day, much is allowed where according to tradition. But waiting according to tradition just such occasions, to do things, which is the soul actually all year long longs?

The Carnival is a wonderful event, but unfortunately come from too many accidents caused by uncontrolled consumption of alcohol or because you want to do everything, what you missed in the last year or is not allowed.

To vary from one to contrast other is known to be not particularly healthy

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So, they afford a Weiberfastnacht more than once. When that will be, it depends on you. In the following we will say more about Mardi which is on the 12.02. in the coming year. Decide for yourself, which the passions associated with it, you want to experience (again) to any other occasion.

Official holiday

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“When is Mardi?” a very important issue is for many people also, because on this day officially not working. So do you need holiday and rest? You can take these too many other great occasions. There are so many weekends throughout the year.

If you want to have Carnival or similar celebrations to, then up you see the culture calendar

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There are several events which reminiscent of Carnival with their character. If you do this, then is the question “When is Mardi?” not more so urgently ringing. So something more relaxed and the celebration as a result will be the expectation also conscious and beautiful. Because we admit, many women no longer so accurately remember what they did in the Mardi!

Colors and joie de vivre

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Do you get sexy to be female and to wear colorful clothing the courage that day? Why suppress this need actually? There are so many models that you can put on throughout the year! Even if you have not the greatest figure, you might search for longer, but there are always very many appropriate models for each character. You must not enter check “When is Mardi”, to show your true nature.

Breakfast early in the morning with sparkling wine

when is Mardi champagne

Also doesn’t mean it’s something you only must make to Mardi. Every Saturday, Sunday and on many other days, where you take the time to yourself, you could start with a champagne breakfast. Enjoy the time with friends and acquaintances. Ask the question, “When is Mardi?”. That should not be meant in this sense: “When, I may have even finally good time with my friends”.

So when is your fat Thursday?

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When is your next fat Thursday before the 12.02.2015? Maybe could you do something this weekend or in the dark cold days in January, which has a similar character?

One thing is there only that you should not prefer company on other days than in the Mardi: cut the ties!

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Joy and fun for all when is fat Thursday Carnival 2015 photos

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