24 Alternative Ideas To Fill The Advent Calendar

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Advent, Advent, a little light is burning and humanity is expecting the most beautiful and magical party in the whole year.

Until the first advent is not long. The wreaths are ready, the candles can hardly wait for the first flame and of course you set up the Advent calendar with the many gifts. With the fashionable Advetnskalendern one can argue, which is really correct, because meanwhile one can hang up the advent calender, screwing on the wall, by the chimney or or, or….

Regardless of which kind of Advent calendar you have chosen for your holidays and how artfully and imaginatively it is designed, the advent calendar is often about one thing – and that is the gift surprise that is discovered behind every door at the right time may.

Before you can fill the Advent calendar, the gifts should be packed first

Advent calendars fill small gifts for every day

No sweets?! What else?

Why do we even come to such a question, with which one can fill the Advent calendar? For centuries, especially the children are looking forward to the obligatory sweets, which are determined in the Advent calendar only for them. And why should everything be different nowadays?!

The Advent calendar is a guest of honor and deserves a place in your living room

advent calendar deals designer advent calendar

The difference to today is that the kids used to get sweets only for special occasions. Today you can afford a table of milk chocolate every day and that is no longer considered a luxury. In addition, more and more is being talked about the memorable quality of confectionery and its effect on adolescents.

When did you last sing a song on Advent?

Advent calendars are about learning a new song with their parents

Sometimes you look forward to the illustrations more than to the story

advent calendar deal children's book illustration

Little pleasures can also be useful

This does not mean that you should renounce the beautiful tradition. On the contrary, today we offer you 24 alternative ideas on how to fill the Advent calendar with small and useful gifts that will turn into true joy and perhaps provide a pleasant surprise.

To give away a guardian angel is just fitting for Christmas

Advent calendars make gift ideas meaningful

Creative boxes made of natural materials – a new experience for the child?

advent calendar, tote bag

A self-decorated cover makes every hot water bottle your favorite item

advent calendar fill warmth bottle

Once you start thinking about it, you come up with many beautiful ideas that are even far from the many sugars and material abundance.

What makes a feast so unique and magical and how do traditions last so long? This is what makes up the beautiful stories told in the beautiful pre-Christmas period, the poems that are recited and the songs that you sing together.

What are you waiting for? Take this opportunity and fully enjoy the glory of Christmas together with your loved ones!

Unicorns are the hit of 2017 and also belong to the Christmas season

advent calendar fill in cookie cutter unicorn

You can also give away sweets, but first bake them yourself

Advent calendars will give away Christstollen

Funny and warm accessories are useful and healthy – a fitting gift

advent calendar gloves

No PS 5? How about playing with your hands and letting your imagination in?

Advent Calendar fill shadow play
advent calendar fill sock classic games
advent calendar handle self painted mug
advent calendar fill starlight
advent calendar deal wooden figures smoking man tradition
Advent calendars handle homemade candlesticks
advent calendar deal with small gift ideas bamboo
advent calendar stamp
tinker with advent calendar
Advent calendars are filled with adults
advent calendar fill four-leaf clover
Advent Calendar is filled with little gifts for every day gingerbread men
Advent calendar is filled with glitter stars
Advent calendar deals with home-made soap
advent calendar fill in winter motives
advent calendar fill in reading light
advent calendar fill sock the first cutlery
Advent calendar is filled with small gifts for every day Christmas cookies
advent calendar deals with schockonuesse
Advent calendars are self-made
advent calendar fill socks
Advent calendars fill up with surprise and tension
adventskalender will make small gifts for every day gift ideas
Advent calendars are surprising
adventskalender small gifts for every day gift ideas wooden toys
advent calendar fill advent wreath

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