30 Fingerfood Recipes For Hot Days And Nights

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In the summer it is hot and because of the often unbearable heat you have little appetite. Insatiable thirst replaces the feeling of hunger, but now and then one would like to do a little thing in the mouth, which possibly cools one and in the best case is enough.

Today, we would like to introduce you to tasty fingerfood recipes, which will not only stimulate your appetite, but are also suitable for the hottest season. They are easy to prepare and are oriented to the gifts of nature in the summer. In addition, you can delight and inspire important guests or special friends with a well thought-out finger food plate.

1) Summer mix of vegetables in marinade and crispy background

Fingerfood recipes kidney beans in nachokorb

What do we find at a small price and enough in the summer on the market?

In summer there is a wide selection of fruits and vegetables in Europe that fit perfectly with our project. Fresh kitchen herbs and fresh cheese are excellent spreads And can be prepared quickly and healthy. For those who reluctantly forgo meat, we also have fresh and cooling solutions for the hot days and nights.

2) Freshly baked bread with fresh cheese and fruit or vegetables according to season

Butterfood recipes balsamic vinegar

What foods or spices have cooling properties?

A note in advance: Many fruits and vegetable varieties, which have the property of cooling our bodies, affect the urine. This should be considered, especially if you are late in the night cucumber or watermelon To take. Cucumber, dill and loveballs have a cooling effect on your body, just like mint or woodruff.

3) Cress, mint and radishes on cheese bread

Fingerfood recipes kidney beans in nachokorb radishes on cheesecake mint

4) Watermelon, feta cheese, basil garnished with fine balsamico vinaigrette

Fingerfood recipes fetak'se wassemelone

Why is fingerfood so much prepared and eaten?

The fingerfood is (as the name implies) small, but fine. You are lovingly preparing different things, which are a real work of art both visually and visually. Many companies prefer the form of the fingerfood for business receptions or other events, but fingerfood is also preferred to private parties or openair events.

5) Shadow moorland with wasabi on chicory leaf

Fingerfood recipes chicoree

6) Maiscrossies – beetroot bite

Fingerfood recipes bockshornklee

7) Burritos with cheese spinach filling and dried tomatoes

Buttered recipes burrito dried tomatoes basil

8) Exotic, unusual elaborate, but very tasty – Goong Chae Nam Pa- from Southeast Asia

Fingerfood recipes goong che nam pa

9) Maiskolben mit Peanut – dip – for those who have little time

Fingerfood recipes mais miso maio

10) Tomato and basil fresh cheese baguette

Fingerfood recipes tomato bread

The mouth-watering pieces are wholesome, fresh and light. The only effort is to prepare this, otherwise you do not need plates or cutlery, because the bite comes from the fingers directly into the mouth.

In this spirit, we wish you a great success and good appetite!

11) Homemade mint pesto with radish and cress

Fingerfood recipes pea spread mint

12) Pumpernickel with ricotta, salmon and horseradish

Fingerfood recipes pumpernickel horseradish

13) Mouthfeel, healthy and fine ham-cheese mix

Fingerfood recipes title

14) Summery herb butter or fresh cheese on cucumber slices

Fingerfood recipes 2

15) Meat tomato variations with ciabatta and mint

Fingerfood recipes ciabatta tomato

16) Delicious and exotic dates with bacon mantle

Fingerfood recipes dates with bacon

17) Delicious for vegetarian raspberry goat cheese mixture on bread with nuts

Fingerfood recipes raspberry goat cheese

18) Honey melon and Serrano ham

Fingerfood recipes

19) Carrot and coconut truffles – the sweet temptation in the evening

Fingerfood recipes carrot coconut truffle

20) Cheese crackers with spicy tomato dip

Fingerfood recipes cheesecake with dip

21) Spring rolls can be arranged according to your own taste

Fingerfood recipes rice spring rolls

22) Shrimp and Aioli simply always fit

Fingerfood recipes crabs cocktail

23) Caviar, cucumber and dill – so you win every heart

Tofu recipes

24) Grilled melon bits and helloumi are perfectly complemented by the rugged Ruccola flavor

Finger food recipes melon grilled halumi cheese

25) The Italian classic fits every day and every occasion

Tofu recipes mozzarella

26) Ripe peach pieces with Parma ham and basil

Finger food recipes serrano peach

27) Goat’s cheese balls with grapes or figs

Fingerfood recipes yiegenk'se grapes figs

28) Prawns or chicken breast with lemon grass and chilli sauce

Fingerfood recipes lemon grass shrimp

29) Courgette stuffed with tomato and oregano

Tofu food recipes

30) Fresh vegetable sticks with dip of your choice

Fingerfood recipes for dipping

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