4 Great Recipes For Face-tasting

“We do not promote beauty ideals. Everyone is beautiful in his own way.”- Heidi Klum

The advertisements on TV or radio teach us that there is suitable cosmetics for every type of skin. That’s right, but not quite! The natural foods we have at home are cheaper and can be much more beneficial to our beauty. Since they contain no chemical substances, they are suitable even for the most sensitive type of skin.

The main ingredients for the homemade facial and body peeling are salt, baking powder, rice starch and sugar. All these can be mixed with yoghurt, milk or with pureed fruit. In short, all foods that are good for our stomach are just as healthy for our skin as well. Make yours Skin smoother and nicer , By making a facial at home. Try the following recipes and you will be surprised by the results.

Facial scrub making with natural foods

Sugar-coconut oil make face-peeling itself

The sugar contains glycolic acid, which makes it an extremely gentle peeling and is very suitable for face and cracked lips.

In a bowl, mix 1 to 2 SL sugar with a tea or soup spoon of coconut oil, depending on whether you need a peeling only for the face or for the whole body.

To make the whole thing even more effective, add 1 tsp honey and fresh lemon juice. If you have a sensitive or dry skin, replace the lemon juice with milk or yogurt. These ingredients will hydrate and stimulate your skin. Apply the mixture to the skin and massage gently. After a few minutes, wash with lukewarm water.

To be beautiful, one must also feel beautiful!

Facial for beautiful skin

Peeling mask for a beautiful complexion

To get a healthy-looking face color with a beautiful complexion, mix a coffee cup of cornmeal, a teaspoon of dry camomile flowers and some mineral water (without carbonic acid). Apply the mask to a moist face and massage with circular movements. After a few minutes, wash with warm water.

Backpowder and cucumber facial

One of the indispensable ingredients for the homemade facial is the baking soda. Its fine abrasive consistency is perfect for the face.

Mix 1 tsp of baking soda, 1 tsp salt , A few drops of essential oil as desired and some pureed cucumber to a mash. Apply the peeling to the facial skin and massage gently. Leave to work for 5 minutes and wash with lukewarm water.

Tip: You can also add kiwi to this peeling. Skin cleansing and refreshing, this peeling is suitable for every season.

Coffee coconut face peeling

Coffee peeling for body and face

The coffee set of morning coffee can be used wonderfully for the beauty of your skin. The coffee contains fats and proteins, oils, organic acids and vitamin B. These elements protect against premature skin aging and promote the restoration of the elasticity.

Add some olive oil, honey or coconut oil to the coffee set. Mix all the ingredients together well. Take some of the mixture and gently massage into the skin with circular movements. All useful properties penetrate the skin as you massage. Wash well with warm water.

Tip: This peeling is very helpful also in the fight against cellulite. Massage it into the whole body, wash well under the shower and apply a moisturizer afterwards.

The whiskey peeling you prepare at home should always be appropriate to your skin type. For a greasy skin, the facial scrub can be used every day. But with dry skin, we recommend you do not overdo it. Once a week, it is sufficient to get a smooth and beautiful-looking facial skin.

Now it is up to you which facial you want to make yourself! Maybe try all the peels mentioned here! Have fun and not only radiate your beauty from”outside”!

Face-peeling: Lemon has an antiseptic effect

Use the qualities of the Braunzucker for a beautiful facial skin

Brown sugar facial preparation

Gently massage the peeling into the skin

Gently massage face

Oatmeal and turmeric make face peeling itself

Oat flakes curcuma facial
Facial and face mask

Coffee set for beautiful and Celullitis-free skin

Coffee peeling for face and body
To make a salt face
Coffee peeling for face and body
Beautiful skin with facial
Prepare face peeling with strawberries
Cinnamon face peeling
Make lemon face peeling itself