5 Insider Tips With Inflamed Piercings

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It is not surprising that more and more people choose this type of Bodymodification. The choice of the right piece of jewelry is often taken quickly. No matter whether you buy a jewelry on site or a nose piercing It is, however, much more important to find a competent and reliable piercer. But even under optimal conditions, it is possible that the nose, nasal septum or nose wing are inflamed. For this reason, however, you do not have to do without your individual bodywork. Because with these simple secret tips you get inflammation easily under control.

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Care is important

The first step to a healthy piercing begins in the piercing studio: a sterile environment, high-quality materials and, of course, an appropriate implementation. After the prickling, it is in the hands of each individual that the cure succeeds. The piercing should be regularly moved and disinfected. Sometimes, however, even with best care, a cartilage bite or a small abscess is formed. They can be treated with these simple means:

Jojoba oil has proved itself with regard to piercing care very well. It does not burn on the skin, acts antibacterially, nourishes and soothes reddened and swollen puncturing sites long-lasting. Jojoba oil is particularly suitable for nasal piercings. Because it is as good as odorless.

Particularly annoying in the area of ​​the nose are so-called cartilage bends. These are small thickenings of the cartilage, which can adversely affect the aesthetics of a piercing. The use of cartilage ointments is recommended. These actually serve the treatment of arthrosis and other joint inflammations. However, they also act after piercing against cartilage damage. If they are applied regularly, the small bumps and bumps around the puncture site will soon leave nothing to be seen.

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Chamomile is a proven home remedy for mild inflammation. Most people simply put a tea bag on reddened or swollen skin parts. Still better are fresh chamomiles or their dried flowers, which are available in the drug store or the reform house. From these it is easy to produce a brew, which is then filled into a simple cotton glove. The fingers of the glove are ideal for reaching even the smallest inflammatory sites.

Beautiful from the inside – Beautiful from outside

A healthy diet should be self-evident for every person. When the body fights with an inflammation, some food can help it decisively.

Prominent anti-inflammatory drugs are above all foods which are particularly rich in magnesium. These include, for example, almonds, broccoli, millet, quinoa, amaranth and virtually all solid products. You should be on the menu when an inflammation after piercing.

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A true all-connoisseur is the spinach. Thanks to its wealth of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, it prevents inflammation and supports the immune system in all inflammatory diseases. If the nose is swollen after piercing, chewing sometimes causes pain. A bowl of hot spinach is then not only healthy, but can even be a true recovery.

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