Carpets In Living Rooms: 5 Tips For The Right Use

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Finding the right carpet does not seem to be an easy task. Apart from the fact that the selection of designs, materials, sizes and also prices is gigantic, there are still a number of important points to consider before you can opt for the”dream carpet”.

Today we would like to deal with this issue and find out which carpeting In which living – rooms can be put in a good mood, what you should pay attention to before purchase and what should be done when laying out the carpeting Must be avoided in any case.


What is important in material selection? Please consider the purpose?

Before you are looking for a carpet or even want to buy one, think about the purpose for which it is intended. Any living space in your home or apartment has a clear function, which can make your carpet choice easier. In the hallway and in the children’s room, for example, you can even predict how often the new carpet will be entered and how often you have to clean it.

Here carpet floors or runners would be more suitable, as they can be vacuumed or temporarily removed and cleaned as often as necessary.


Some people are allergic to synthetic substances, so we would advise you to do a”carpet test”before buying, which is now offered by more and more manufacturers.


Which carpets are suitable for small rooms and which ones are suitable for large rooms?

Except that the carpeting A functional task, but they are often still about aesthetics and decoration. Some carpeting Are genuine works of art and deserve an important place where they can unfold their entire splendor. However, since we often choose a carpet for a certain space, and not vice versa, we look more closely at how to choose form and size adequately and favorably to the space. By the way, you will find competent advice and a great There is a selection of carpets here ,


The smaller the space, the greater the challenge of setting it up. It is generally argued that light colors make the room appear larger optically. This is true, but also the texture of the carpet has an effect on the room atmosphere. For this reason, we would advise you to work with the contrasts and to place terracotta tiles or parquet in dark but warm brown tones under the bright carpet. In this way, you let the carpet come to the fore and strengthen the comfort in the room.


In large rooms, there is enough room, but also mistakes can occur in the room design. Orient yourself in the shape of the room, take the light through the windows and plan the carpet to be laid out before you buy. At this point, we would be happy to recommend the professional advice of Knutzen Wohnen, where you will be advised competently according to your individual needs.


On which floor coverings can carpets come into their own?

From a purely creative point of view, you should strive for contrasts, as already mentioned. The color contrast should ideally complement the carpet’s characteristics.

Why is a visit to the furnishing market important and what does the professional advice give us?

In many cases, it is advisable to consult specialist advice. Online you can always shop well, but in the furnishing market you get in addition many answers to your questions, creative solutions and even more good tips and suggestions.


Special wishes and custom made

It is really not relevant how many products are offered on the market because there are always people who act according to their personal taste and needs and often have extra wishes. Thanks to such customers, it is now possible to customize the carpet at will.

If everyone is happy and happy at the end, we have done everything right and wish you a successful carpet purchase!


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