Christmas Baking – Which Cookies Do You Bake When?

If you want to prepare for the biggest party of the year, you can get really far with DIY and DIY ideas. A party is, but not only Christmas decoration and designer tips to create a magical ambience for yourself and your loved ones. Christmas carols and gifts enjoy and be happy, but there is something more important than anything else. Although it sounds trivial, this is the talk of the big Christmas dinner, which makes the party a true celebration. Without decoration, one could get by on need, without food this would not be possible.

In one of the last articles we have suggestions for you 5-course menu for vegans made. In other articles you will find cool recipes or culinary secrets, such as Make marzipan yourself or what the speculum spice consists of.

The Christmas baking should be well planned and organized

Christmas baking butter dough

Christmas baking – when to bake something?

We thought today that the time of Christmas baking has finally arrived, and the dear readership can be enriched with another informative article. And no, we do not intend to send you the recipes for your favorite pastry. There are plenty of websites that deal exclusively with cooking and baking.

We’d rather spend the right time baking and storing, answering the questions on which ingredients last the longest, and how to keep the delicious and savory pastries untouched until Christmas.

Due to lack of time, all supplies should be done in one afternoon

Christmas baking


Keeping the Christmas cookies

Of course, you can also snack on Advent, if you have started early with the Christmas baking. Cookies with cream last a maximum of one week and should be eaten first, while others should be baked early and left to rest on time for the party. Keep the pastries in secret places that only you know about. Otherwise it could happen that you find an empty tin can with a few crumbs at Christmas, because the”Cookie Monsters”are tireless in this season.

It would be important then how smart you store the pastry

christmas baking tin cans classic

Since we all suffer from lack of time, it would be best to bake all pre-planned cookies on one or two afternoons and then distribute and store them. Before that happens, the cookies should be completely cooled.

Shortcrust pastry and butter dough, depending on the proportion of fat, last a long time if stored dry and sealed. Tin cans are great, but if you like to bake a lot with flavors, we would recommend the Tupperware. In it, the pastry remains juicy and fresh and will smell especially heavenly.

Biscuits filled with jam or decorated are long lasting and can even be frozen

Christmas baking jam


Special pastries may rest in the refrigerated compartment

If you want to spoil your guests for the first time with macaroons at Christmas, you should keep them cool (preferably in freezer boxes) and be very happy about their freshness on the holidays.

Gingerbread belongs to the pastry creations, which are ready for consumption only after about 3-4 weeks and can be enjoyed in full splendor. The same applies to the honey cake, if one still likes to bake honey cake.

It is important that you save the fresh fragrance of the spices well, which can be unfold when unpacking

Christmas baking dish

Many cookies need a suitable place where they can be stored safely and do not bother anyone. We welcome the storage in cans, which can be stacked on top of each other.

The tin cans are not enough for you? Then layer the biscuits and separate them with parchment paper. In this way, you not only save space, but avoid mixing the different Christmas flavors within the one tin can!

Sweet and contemplative time wishes you the editors!

The decoration makes the biscuits look really festive and can be stored well

Christmas baking vegan

Tin cans are always good to use

Christmas baking storage boxes

Shortbread stays fresh and crunchy for a long time when stored in tupperware

Christmas baking butter biscuits

The festive pastry should not only be delicious, but also beautiful

christmas baking foermchen

In glasses, any pasta can be stored well

Christmas baking glass

The storage place should be dark and dry

Christmas baking biscuits

For hard pastries, it is recommended to use an airtight container

Christmas baking gingerbread

It would be commendable if you manage to keep the whole pastry juicy, fresh and crunchy for the holidays

Christmas baking mix

Choose a style of decoration that can last a long time

christmas baking muerbeteig

Everyone is looking forward to classic pastries

christmas baking müy dough
christmas baking rolling pin
Christmas baking pistachios
Christmas baking black white pastry
tinker christmas baking stars
christmas baking decorated
christmas baking christmas tree
Decorate Christmas baking Christmas baubles
Christmas baking stuck together
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