Dental Care By Sweets? Here You Get Xylitol Pastilles Kilos

If you do not want to be a snack, you often have to expect bad results and long waiting times at the dentist. That’s how it was, at least in the past, when snacking was immediately linked to the harmful white sugar. The sugar residue on the teeth and poor oral hygiene are a cause that can lead to complications and unpleasant visits to the dentist. But actually it is here with us today for something completely different… It is namely that all sweet-toothed children may continue to happily continue to nibble, without having to worry about their dental health. The only requirement would be to replace the popular treats with xylitol candies or chewing gum. For optimal dental care, you should take some sweets after each meal in the mouth. At the same time, one can satisfy his urge to chew or suck and do something good instead of doing something harmful to his teeth.

dental care xylitol pastilles child

New dental care through healthy sweets

The well-known and popular by many people xylitol lozenges can be obtained in many drugstore chains or of course in any pharmacy.

Shortly after the holidays, many manufacturers, dealers or various service providers start to lure their customers with discounts, discounts or other offers.

And if you have been waiting for a long time for the reduction of some prices, now is the right time to strike properly.

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Discounts for retailers and product testers

For today’s article, we picked a topic that could interest car dealers and wholesalers much more than the average consumer. In one of the best months, when you can do good business at low prices, you now have the opportunity, of course for a limited time, to buy larger quantities of the xylitol candies in the strawberry, lemon and mint flavors. For example, you would now have to pay a price per kilo between 17.50 € and 24.90 € and for the smaller package to get to know about 10 €. for 150g

dental care xylitol pastilles child healthy teeth

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Product tester beware! Those of you who use Amazon’s Affiliate Program will receive an additional 30% discount on the same amounts with discount code A30XYLIT. (Never heard of it!) Clever businessmen and women are still thinking about expanding and doing their business via intelligent and simplified ways of the internet.) Take a look around. Many offers are waiting for you!

Regardless of whether you work in sales or distribution or do not belong to any of the two sectors, it is always worthwhile to get to know the current dental care for better oral hygiene and optimal pH values ​​and to ensure a good prophylaxis of the teeth! Only then can the annual check-up at the dentist be quite pleasant and not last long.

It always pays off to look for current offers or current discounts, because if you act as a wholesaler or have taken a foot in sales, make the differences in the long term and in large quantities clearly noticeable.

Moreover, it has never hurt that you have regularly informed or subscribed to relevant newsletters. Being informed does not force you to do anything, but it can shorten your journey and save time and money.

With this in mind, we wish you a happy New Year and see you next time!

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