Environmental Protection On A Small Scale: Five Tips For Sustainable Living

Editor   May 10, 2017   Comments Off on Environmental Protection On A Small Scale: Five Tips For Sustainable Living

Climate change, sustainability, renewable energies – big words with even greater significance. However, environmental protection succeeds also a number smaller. For example, by everyone is a bit more ecological lives. Our five tips for sustainable living will tell you how to do that.

Sustainable living and environmental protection

Environmental protection through electricity saving

  1. Saving electricity

Saving electricity not only protects the environment, but also the money bag. Energiesparen catches with the light and stops with the freezer: Best all old light bulbs by energy saving lamps or energy-saving LED lights exchange. If the TV is not used, switch it off completely. This can be done, for example, with a mains switch at the multiple socket. If new household appliances such as washing machines or frozen chillers are to be purchased, it is essential to select appliances with a high energy efficiency from A to A +++ at best. In the overview on intelligent-modernisieren.de you can find even more tips For energy saving in the household.

Environmental protection and water conservation

  1. save water

Energy saving is good, additional water saving even better. A dishwasher consumes less water than the daily rinsing by hand. In the case of a short shower, less water flows out of the pipeline than in a full bath. And, of course, when washing hands and brushing the teeth, just run the water if you really need it.

  1. Environmentally friendly heating

Bringing cooled rooms to temperature requires a lot of energy. A certain basic temperature is therefore recommended. If this is generated with alternative heating methods such as heat pumps or solar systems, the better. Owners also pay attention to well-insulated windows as well as good insulation in the roof and basement – so it stays warm longer.

Sustainable furniture for environmental protection

  1. Buy sustainable furniture

Not only modern house technology with high energy efficiency pays off. Even with the right furniture one can do nature a favor. Instead of buying furniture only at the best price, one should rather prefer high-quality and timeless furniture. They do not have to be replaced so often. Who additionally on the FSC seal And short transport routes, ensures good CO 2 Footprint. By the way, old furniture does not have to be put in the rubbish – on regional sales exchanges on the Internet there is certainly a customer.

Sustainable shopping and conscious living

  1. Food conscious shopping

Apropos throw away: Food is wasted in Germany. How focus.de reported , We throw away 6.7 million tons of food every year! Better spend more in the week as much as you are actually consuming, instead of doing a big shopping – and then to carry far too much home. If something is left of the food, take it to the work the next day in the lunch box. And the minimum shelf life is to be taken literally: many products can be enjoyed for a long time.

Environmental protection and sustainable living

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