Find The Perfect Hose For All Occasions

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So that you do not stand on the hose, but always have the right hoses, we would like to give you a few important notes. What kind of tubing is there at all, which materials are usually used in their production, which accessories are used and what maintenance is recommended? Who would have thought that tubing could be so multifaceted? In this case, living and setting up without them are hardly possible in their own four walls, as well as in the garden or in the office. And this is only a small part of the application areas of the hoses. Building, agriculture, industry, medicine and technology – no industry can function without the right kind of tubing at all.

Hose types and common materials

The main types of hoses are closely related to their application. It is also important to know which materials and materials are used in hose manufacture. In addition to garden and fire hose, there are still a lot of different variants of hoses that play an important, indispensable role in everyday life. For example, hoses for hydraulic systems, sanitary fittings, gas systems or concrete pumps. Depending on the function and the required characteristics, hoses are made of plastic, synthetic fibers, rubber, metal, natural fibers or even yarn braids.

Tradesmen special hoses

Some are the most important features to consider when selecting the correct hose – especially pressure loss. And here it is often, how longer a hose, the larger could be the pressure loss. The diameter of the tube, which is still measured in inches, is decisive. Logically, the larger the diameter, the less the pressure in the hose. For example, the length of a ½”diameter garden hose should not exceed 50m. Otherwise the pressure for irrigation would not be sufficient.

The wall thickness also plays an important role in the robustness and longevity of a hose. For garden hoses, for example, a minimum wall thickness of 2mm is recommended. Depending on the application and material, the thickness can then vary. Very good abrasion resistance and optimum bending behavior are further criteria that must be considered when buying a hose.

Garden hose with cable drum in purple and white

What is to be considered in proper care?

If the hose is properly groomed, of course, its longevity also increases. In this regard, it is definitely advisable not to leave hoses made of plastic, for example, in the blazing sun or over the winter. Otherwise, these can become deformed and brittle. Often, water remains in the hoses and it could freeze at low temperatures and cause the hose to burst. Algae are an additional problem especially when there is more heat and sunlight, as is often the case with garden hoses. The algae that live in the fine dust can then multiply rapidly in the water and make the hose unusable. Therefore, we advise that, as far as possible, drain the water from the hose after pouring it into the garage or in the storage room.

Garden hose summer garden watering

The more precise the function of a hose, the more important and more complex its maintenance. In some areas, the operation of the hoses is of great importance and is often associated with expensive damage to property or even dangerous poisoning.

Metal scouring machine

In the same way as with the other specialized instruments or equipment, you are always the best in the trade when you buy. Because you will find all possible variants of hoses and thus you get a detailed consultation at the same time.

And of course you will also find a lot of experienced dealers and manufacturers, such as, for example, those who are looking for a high-quality hose, which is part of the chemical technology accessories , Most of them offer you a wide assortment with the appropriate hose accessories, such as couplings, clamps, crates, edge protectors, tissue tape, bridles, etc. Even a complete tubing is no longer in the way, because even custom made hoses can even be ordered online ,

Find the specialist dealer of your trust and therefore always the right hose for every work area!

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