Full Lips: 5 Simple Tips For A Sexy Pout

Have you always wanted to see lips à la Angelina Jolie? Or maybe you even plan a hyaluronic acid treatment to get sensual, full lips? The pout is definitely in vogue again and is one of the most popular attractions for both women and men. Not for nothing are in addition to numerous medical and cosmetic measures also a lot of lip boosters, Lipmaximizer and other beauty tools on the market. All promise the much sought-after beauty effect. Is something really true or are they just promotional tricks and empty promises? Of course, everyone could find out for themselves individually. Apart from that, there are also ways that involve absolutely no risk and are easy to implement. We have researched and collected the best 5 tips without injections and risks here for you.

Full lips are back in fashion

Lips enhancer full lips course tips

# 1 Tip: The ice cube massage

Nothing is easier than that. You take an ice cube and begin to massage your lips with circular movements. This promotes the circulation of the delicate skin of the lip and it subsequently has a slightly swollen appearance. Also generally a face massage with ice cubes is recommended. Especially before the make-up of the lips you can achieve the best results.

Full lips through daily ice cube massage

full lips with ice cube massage

# 2 Tip: Apply eye cream with hyaluronic acid

Most fillers for lip augmentation are hyaluronic acid-based and that’s no coincidence. Because this substance is completely degraded by the body over time. Thanks to its specific structure, hyaluronic acid binds a lot of water to itself and thus provides better hydration of the skin. So this is much more elastic and radiant. This not only applies to the fine skin around the eyes, but also around the mouth and on the lips itself. Therefore, an eye cream with hyaluronic acid just works perfectly on your lips. It is best to wear them on your lips before you fall asleep and make-up, and soon you will notice the beautiful, soothing effect.

Full lips with hyaluronic acid-based eye cream

full lips are cared for with lip balm

# 3 Tip: beauty tool – plump lips by sucking

The so-called Lip Enhancer or Lip plumper, such as The”reVive Lip Devise”at the bottom of the picture has been quite trendy lately. There are, of course, some products that do not really accomplish what the manufacturer promises, but you also find ones that are a short-term solution for full lips. Some lip enhancers are similar to small bottle caps, others look more like pacifiers. What is different with the”reVive Lip Devise”in particular: a successful combination of LED light and medical infrared light. The device is very easy to use and it stimulates the own collagen tissue of the lips, whereby the wrinkles in the mouth area are reduced.

The”reVive Lip Devise”for sensual, full lips

lip pump make full lips yourself

Simple lip-plastic booster

Full lips tools tips and tricks
full lips with lip enhancer tips

# 4 Tip: Black pepper and coconut oil

Lately, there are many tips in the blogosphere for natural lip boosters that you can prepare yourself. The most popular ingredients including: menthol, hot peppers, camphor, cloves and cinnamon , Very effective should be a homemade mixture of black pepper and coconut oil. Just mix equal amounts of black pepper and coconut oil and cream your lips with it. Waits for about 5 minutes or depending on compatibility. And rinse your lips later with lukewarm water. Et Voilà!

With the right lip gloss your lips get even more visual fullness

full lips lip balm 3d glitter

# 5 Tip: Make-up lips

To put on a sensual pout is already a matter of its own. It is not as difficult as it may seem and you can learn it very quickly with a little patience and the right motivation. Beauty experts advise first to exfoliate the lips and then to start applying makeup. Choose a matching lip liner for your lips that is just a shade darker than your own lip color. Then draw fine contours with it, which go more easily or as desired more over the lip contours. Amorbogen and the bottom of the lower lip should be carefully bordered.

The lipstick should be a shade lighter than the lip liner. Lighter shades such as salmon, lavender or peach give the lips more optical volume than darker lipsticks. For even more visual fullness, you can apply a shimmering lip gloss in the middle of the lips or work with highlighters – the so-called strobing ,

Make-up lips – The instructions

full lips properly make-up instructions

Use the Lipliner to easily go beyond your natural lip contours

full lips makeup tips

Even thin, inconspicuous lips can look more sensual through the right make-up technique

Full lips tips and tricks

We hope you enjoyed our 5 simple and completely natural tips for full lips. And maybe you would like to try some of them yourself. Even if they only have a temporary effect, they are at least completely risk-free and very easy to implement. Enjoy your sexy lips without needles, fillers and Co. and stay natural and relaxed!

Maintain your lips regularly!

full lips of course get tips and tricks

It depends on the right make-up technique

red full lips 3d lips gloss

Passionate red on the lips conjures up a seductive kiss

Female applying red lipstick, close up

The fashionable metal-gloss lipsticks give the lips even more visual fullness

full lips lipstick metal gloss

Play with colors and shimmer!

full lips make-up shine ultra violet nail design

Depending on clothing and attitude, you can try a different lipstick color every day

full lips beautiful lipstick colors

The Pantone color of the year Ultra Violet is just one of the numerous possibilities for full lips in style

full lips ultra violet color