Graphics Programs For Your Own Poster On The Wall

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The most beautiful decoration on the wall are personal pictures or posters! But do not worry, it does not need a deep handle in the wallet or even a graphic artist, because the posters can easily be produced by themselves. We provide you with the best graphics programs.

Basic prerequisites for large format posters: suitable printer

The first prerequisite for implementing your own poster is a printer. However, since an A4-sized poster does not produce such an impressive effect as a larger A3-size product, purchasing an A3 printer is worthwhile At , The corresponding models are rather the exception, since most printers for private use can only print A4. Is it worth buying a poster? Yes! Most A3 printers can easily print both formats.

But before the poster can be printed and hung on the wall, it can be pimped with special graphics programs.

Graphics programs to the poster itself

graphics programs


Inkscape Is a vector graphics program with which banners and posters can be made child-friendly. The program is German-language and compatible with the formats SVG, JPG, PNG, TIF or BMP. It offers many tools such as shapes, transparency effects, patterns, color traces, or path-bound texts, so they can easily get funny sayings on paper.

  • costs : Free of charge
  • Compatible operating systems : Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP
  • Program Type : Open Source
  • File Size : 108.83 MB
  • language : German and English

Create your own graphics with graphikprogramme


In Canvas, all possible different display forms can be combined with each other. This allows texts, documents and Pictures in a collage become. The created collage is then stored in an image format. Especially for beginners this program is recommended, since the operation is very simple. In addition, Canvas includes additional tools and effects that can be used to add the images or text to any location.

  • costs : Free of charge
  • Compatible operating systems : Windows XP
  • Program Type : Open Source
  • language : English
  • file size : 167.85 MB


Anyone who wants to put a picture on a poster and hang up at home can use a program like Gimp To improve the image. With this program, disturbing picture elements can be removed or collages created. In addition, Gimp can make pictures brighter or use functions like the blur.

  • costs : Free of charge
  • Compatible operating systems : Windows 7, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2012
  • Program Type : Open Source
  • language : German English
  • file size : 85.43 MB

Inspirations for sayings on the poster

This is not a mess. There are only ideas everywhere.

You have to dance life

Life begins after Coffee

Life is no sugarlicking

Especially Proverbs in English Lend your apartment modern charm.

Graphics programs to make the poster itself

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