High-quality Men’s Watches: What Should You Pay Attention To When Buying?

High quality men’s watches from Luxury brands like Rolex and Omega are much more than just timepieces. They stand for high social status and absolute value as well as for excellent quality and craftsmanship, especially when it comes to the mechanical designs. This is often a subtle rebellion against the fast pace in our dynamic everyday life and the wrong consumption attitudes of the disposable mentality of many contemporaries. Often, these top quality products are so costly and valuable that many buyers are even a lucrative one Investment in the purchase of luxury watches hope.

But also brand quality in the medium price segment proves to be absolutely recommendable, even for higher demands, and praised by many connoisseurs and experts. At the same time are such ladies and Men’s Watches Not only noticeably cheaper, but surprisingly even more robust and accurate. Fortunately, these are available from trendy brands in different variants and designs on the market. So you can make the right buying decision depending on style and taste and benefit from the best quality and first-class design.

Today we are talking about men’s watches and what you should consider when buying. We hope that our little guide will give you first decision support. Stay with us and find out more!

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What should you look for when buying men’s watches?

Of course you and only you alone decide what kind of clock you want to buy. And that means rather your own lifestyle and personal preferences. These are complemented by optical features such as color, design or closure, for example. Again, these are subjective features of a watch that can not really be judged. We completely leave this to you. However, if it’s about objective quality features, you should ask yourself a few important questions and pay attention to them before you buy.

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The very first question: Mechanical or quartz wristwatch? Because that is the biggest difference in watches – in the way they work. So you want a watch without a battery, which works with spring or rather a quartz version with battery? In other words: in the first case we have a mechanical movement and in the second a quartz movement. Both have certain advantages and disadvantages, but basically – quartz watches are cheaper, more accurate and easier to maintain. These are also much easier to care for in most cases and are also suitable for working in tougher conditions as well as for athletes and divers. A great example of this are the so-called chronographs, which not only have an extra function to stop time, but are also completely waterproof and fairly sturdy. An additional advantage of quartz watches is the lack of need for revision by a watchmaker – here is only done with a battery change everything.

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Other important quality features when buying luxury men’s watches:

  • to pay attention to a German or Swiss clockwork, is optimal
  • Sapphire crystal is considered the highest quality, because it is very robust and scratch-resistant. Mineral glass and Plexiglas are cheaper alternatives.
  • The watch glass should be anti-reflective in any case, so you can always read the time immediately.
  • The watch should come with a warranty and Certificate of authenticity.

Find even more expert tips on buying mechanical luxury watches here ,

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Men’s watches for special demands

In addition to the classic, simple models, men’s watches with special functions have been enjoying great popularity for quite some time, in every price segment and every age group. For example, trendy chronographs are not only used as sports or diving watches, but also as a hip, stylish fashion accessory for self-confident, active men who want to give their everyday life an exciting touch.

The so-called military watches are another very special kind of men’s watches. These are preferred by many male watch makers who are looking for adventure and exceptionality. Usually one recognizes such clocks at the reference MIL W 46374F what everyone Meets U.S. Army specification requirements for special units. Typical visual features of such men’s watches are a red central stop hand for tactical second-by-second inserts with H3 tritium units or blue light units, as is the case with the KHS Navigator Blue military watch. Most of them are equipped with stainless steel or titanium cases and caseback and do not give in at all in terms of design perfection.

Take a look here with us as well as on the websites of high-quality providers and find your perfect clock. Or maybe you want to prepare your sweetheart a partnerlook surprise?

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