Holzterrassen – The Dream Of Garden Paradise

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More and more people yearn for a gracefully designed, own outdoor area. Terrace grids made of wood create a second living room in the green, an oasis of recreation as a counter-movement to hectic everyday life.

The trend towards terraces of real wood or wood-like products has continued unbroken for several years. A particularly popular choice among passionate gardeners are long planks, which emphasize the spaciousness of the outdoor area. Larch, acacia, ash and Douglas fir are required for the lighter species of wood, while the dark coverings are particularly resistant to tropical wood from tropical latitudes and indigenous woods which have been subjected to thermal treatment. The tropical woods are distinguished by their enormous wood density with high resistance and beautiful dark, reddish-brown colors.

Wooden terrace detached house with garden furniture from rattan

Protect and maintain wooden terraces

Due to the weather influences, the strongly exposed wooden terrace changes with time. The UV radiation from the sunlight splits the brownish pulp lignin, the rain blows it out. The wooden terrace turns gray and becomes more susceptible to algae and fungal attack. Experts such as Swiss surface specialists meet this natural process Graf Parkett With the right surface protection and the annual care of the wood. Terra experts specialize in real wood terraces after laying with a pore-saturating base oil, which additionally has a protective effect against UV radiation as well as algae and fungal attack.

Cleaning and oiling in spring

The gentle restoration of the wooden terrace is recommended after the stressed winter months. With an environmentally-friendly wood cleansing agent from the specialist trade (e.g., WOCA Exterior Cleaner), the terrace is cleaned using a machine-operated silicon carbide brush. These special bristles clean the wood to the depth without hurting the surface. After a sufficient drying time, the specialists rebuild the surface protection. To counter the natural graying of the terrace, experts often use oils with color pigments, which harden in the wooden pores and restore the original beauty to the terrace.

Flooring in wood wooded terraces garden design

The cleansing and the oiling of the terrace can be performed independently by skilled craftsmen. Distributors like Graf Parkett offer equipment and machines for rent and sell the appropriate products for cleaning and post-oiling.

Wooden flooring properly maintained covered terrace dining table and chairs

Wooden terraces properly maintained garden forest flooring

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