Home Security Technology – How To Make Your Property Secure Against Burglary In 2018!

Last year, the number of burglaries in Germany was more than 160,000. This is only a slight decrease compared to previous years. In combination with the police’s low level of intelligence, it’s even more important to take the safety of your own home into your own hands. But what should be considered superficially?

Use home security technology correctly

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Use funds effectively

Many citizens are reluctant to worry about the security of their own property due to supposedly high costs. Just a short look is enough to recognize this as a fatal mistake. Finally, even three-digit amounts are enough to achieve significant safety benefits. Particularly important for this is the efficient use of the available money. Products with a good price / performance ratio, such as. Home security technology from this provider , can do just that. Thus, the adequate protection of a window is already possible for an amount of around 50 euros, while securing a door with about 100 euros to book beats. Quickly, you can see the added value behind it.

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The individual approach

On the other hand, an individual on-the-spot examination must first show where the true weak points are hidden. Many experts offer an appraisal of their own four walls. Also the Police advice is available to provide helpful tips on this topic. On the one hand, it is important to adequately secure the easily accessible windows and doors. These include windows that are easily accessible via the ground floor for burglars. Furthermore, it is important to properly protect balcony and patio doors. Even the doorstep is currently again and again the object of desire for the burglars. Finally, they attract much less attention at the front door entrance and so often can perform their act absolutely unseen. Frequently, a simple locking bolt is already sufficient to prevent the door from being levered open and to increase personal safety.

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Quenching and delaying

In order to recognize the real added value of the security investment, it is particularly important to take a look at the effects. On the one hand, it is about preventing the entry of the burglar into the house as long as possible. It will never be possible to avert this under warranty. But with each passing minute the burglar struggles in vain, he runs the risk of being discovered. Thus, there is the possibility that he decides to flee and turns to another object.

Furthermore, proper deterrence plays a major role in prevention. For this, your own home should never leave a deserted impression. In the case of actual absence, it is therefore important to have the mailbox regularly emptied. In addition, it may be helpful to connect a timer to the lighting in the house. The automatic switch on justifies the low additional power consumption by deterring burglars. In their eyes, the attractiveness of the apartment decreases, since it seems to be inhabited.

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Use of the alarm system

An alarm system can also make an important contribution to this. Although it is rarely suitable for identifying or even arresting the perpetrators, it still has a strong psychological impact. The perpetrators will thus consider several times whether they still decide to get into the building. The associated risk would eventually be great.


It is by no means necessary to invest high four-digit sums in order to increase the security of your own four walls. But considering the high number of burglaries, it is definitely advisable to think about a partial reinforcement of your own safety devices. So it is possible to avoid the burglary with all its ugly consequences and to increase personal safety.

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