Idea Collection For The Cold Season

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Idea collection for great winter activities

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Ensure your own well-being

Icy cold combined with a strong wind quickly makes our skin dry. Face parts are particularly affected because they are difficult to protect completely. Brittle and chapped lips are a frequent consequence. Only by a regular skin care The own Health throughout the winter long in tact to hold is really a challenge. Flu and colds are widespread and as well as everyone is caught or too striped at least. Pilates, yoga and fascia training are particularly suitable in the interior of the apartment. With the right equipment, sport is also an option in the coldest winter weather. Also in the winter, therefore, sufficient liquid to take. This keeps the circulation in a shot. In addition, overheated rooms and cold should be avoided as much as possible. Because dry air influences the defensive function of our nasal mucous membranes. In combination with a vitamin-rich diet, disease is called for the disease. Particularly important is vitamin C. Inadequate sunlight also provides a sleepy and sluggish sensation. The body lacks serotonin. In order to get back into motion, it is above all necessary for sufficient movement.

Occupations and well-being

But the additional time in one’s own home can be used very productively. While men deal with furniture or other Do-It-Yourself tasks artisanically. Women often devote themselves to the decoration and thereby create a more personal and comfortable home. The icy weather is just as perfect for one creative design of your own fingernails To create a cozy atmosphere should be placed on warm colors. Red, orange and yellow are particularly good. This mood can be generated particularly easily by colored light. After a few winter activities, there is nothing more relaxing than to be under the warm blankets and to listen to his favorite series.

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