Make-up Tips And Matching Fragrances – When Is What Appropriate?

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In terms of styling tips and advice, there are numerous sources that inform us about trends and must-haves and encourage them to buy the latter. And although in the virtual space (and not only there) you can find more than enough advice and trendsetters, you often stand at a loss in front of your wardrobe and do not know what outfit fits exactly and what you should avoid.

We can not find a complex solution to the problem described above within an article, but perhaps we can create some original tricks and blogs so you can stay true to your own style while still meeting the highest demands of the fashion world fulfill.

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Today, we strive to make a first stop in the direction of individual style consulting and to emphasize the fundamental.

You say the first impression counts! And thus one is not quite wrong. In our opinion, one leaves a decisive impression at the first eye contact.

The second, which is sometimes the first, affects the nose and has a strong and consistent impact on our environment. These are the scents and fragrances we like to wear.

How to make the eyes properly and which perfume depending on the type suitable Are important questions that you should explore. Now we would like to start with the basic rules on which one should pay attention to these two important topics.

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Eyeshadowing – if, then right

To be on the road all day and still look good, can only succeed with the right care and make-up tips. As you quickly and conveniently remove your business office look and turn into Queen of the Night, you will be able to deal with the eye makeup without mistakes. In the enclosed video tutorial you will be taught simple make-up techniques, which show a visible effect. To emphasize the eyes, especially in the evening, is crucial for your well-being and healthy self-awareness.

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Study the forms of the face and those of the eyes. Think about the occasion for your styling (or not). Not least, the light comes into question. The more light, the more restrained is your eye makeup.

The right perfume for you, for Him or as a gift

What is so special about a perfume and why should you smell two times if you want to choose a wonderful fragrance? The composition of a perfume is a high art, if you want – a magic! Each fragrance has its own message. The perfumes are categorized into fragrance families, which may possibly ease your perfume choice. Think in advance if you prefer woody, flowery, oriental or even citrus juices?

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If you want to choose for yourself or for someone else a perfume, one should perhaps learn the course in which a perfume unfolds correctly. The reason for the perfume to be worn is the occasion, and last but not least, the time of the year and the day.

Well-known perfumes have a high value, both price and content. This is due to the careful composition of the fragrances and the natural essential oils, which can not only be experienced noses.

Makeup tips

How can we best judge the qualities of a perfume? By taking the”structure”or, as already mentioned, the development of the perfume from the application to the fading away of the last aromatic note.

Practice and refine your sensory perception and you will be surprised how beautiful the world is!

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