Furniture Tresor The Many Advantages Of An Installation At A Glance

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Have you ever thought of installing a cabinet door at home at a suitable location? Just have a secret corner, where your valuables are not only protected against uninvited guests but also against fire?

Today, we would like to report on this topic and take a closer look at the advantages of a so – called” Furniture Safe brings with it.

Furniture Safe

Tresorformats and more

There are safes, which meet every requirement and thus appear in different formats. Today’s talk is of safe, compact and cost-effective Tresor formats, which are intended for private affairs, for the small trade or for the collector’s needs.

Furniture door 1

Which safes are designed for private use?

Safes that do not stand out as such and still give you a sense of security are a good application in the private sector. These vaults are hardly different from a piece of furniture and are fixed to a wall of your choice by means of dowels.

If you are looking for a Möbeltresor, you can find it under different names. Whether you are reading about a built-in gate, furniture gate, furniture inset gate, or even cabinet gate, you should be sure that it is exactly the same object.

Furniture gate 2

Do not think that a furniture locker is less secure or solid than a traditional safe. Although its dimensions compared To the value protection gate are smaller, the furniture gate is equipped with all necessary elements, which should be provided with a vault. All safes are self-tested and certified, and are protected against moisture and fire according to the latest standards.

Encryption is possible with numbers as well as with key lock. In addition, all current safes have special hinges that make it easier to install in chests of drawers or cabinets.

Furniture gate 3

What are the values ​​of a Möbeltresor?

In addition to the important documents, which are different in each case, you can still store the family jewels, valuable watches, cash or securities, medicines and other important things in a Möbeltresor.

The only thing you think in advance and what you should think very well before you get a safe for private use would be the level of security.

Built-in safes are available in various safety classes and price ranges, from light to medium to high protection.

Furniture gate 4

How much is your safety?

The safe storage of your valuables has logically an adequate price, which is still surprisingly low despite the guaranteed security. The prices of the furniture inserts are in the three-digit and four-digit range. You can choose which vault you choose. Ultimately, your choice depends on the available budget and the individual case.

Furniture door 5

Security, insurance and safe classes

It is advisable to consult with your insurance company before you decide to buy a safe. Because the cheaper your new safe is, the lower the insurance rate and thus the security of your valuables.

Furniture gate 6

For your convenience, the types of insurance were addressed to the resilience of the safes. Depending on the matter, you can choose between private and commercial, and for even less worry and danger there is the possibility to have your vault anchored by the professional staff.

Our tip to you would first value the value of your valuables and then look for a suitable protection class!

We wish you a good success in finding the right locksmith and do not forget to think about insurance!


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