Modetrends From Cannes 2017: Dresses, Hairstyles, Makeup Tips

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In Cannes it is about good films, but also about fashion. Through their appearance on the red carpet, the stars say their word To the most popular fashion trends , Whether they transform or reject them is crucial for the general public in the coming seasons.

The long dresses by Elle Flemming were some of the most impressive

Elle flamming light green

Modetrends in the dresses: All long or very short!

Femininity is strongly emphasized in the current fashion trends. The celebrity decides between long or very short dresses. There is hardly an intermediate version. The long veils dominate very strongly. Transparent fabrics, deep cut-outs, shoulder-free or sleeveless models provide for provocations.

Kendall Genners dress (Giambattista Valli) shows contrasts: short with long veil; Bright white with subtle patterns


Classic colors that look different

Red, green, blue, white and black – all classic colors. But how can these common nuances be so modern and appear different in every dress? It is one of the specialties of the Modesaison 2017.

Aishwarya Rais look shows colors that symbolize the character of the modesaison

Aishwarya Rai

The modern colors are lively, yet subtle.

The neutral white looks anything but unobtrusive this year. The choice of glossy fabrics provides a very strong presence. In addition, white is the color for accessories 2017 – both in the jewelry and in the ornaments, which are woven into the clothes.

Jessica Chastains lives from contrasts and patterns

Jessica Chastain eye-catching pattern

Striking floral and stylized patterns

The clean looks prevail. Only best-executed and artistic patterns are allowed on the stage. They posed the greatest risk on the unofficial Modeshow, called Cannes. Probably because of that the successful look of Elle Fanning Such a fascination. It is all white and long, glossy through the fabric and quite boldly in the neckline. You need a real self-conscious character to wear a dress. But then also the stylized patterns on the veil! The combination of all these elements makes the model truly incomparable. And the fact that it is beautiful is also due to the appearance and character of the wearers.

Sara Sampaio: provocation and determination in the look and make-up

Sara sampaio

Dressing-gowns and hairstyles

The self – confident appearance also includes the good make – up tips and hairstyles , The short haircuts celebrate a triumph. Many people choose lengths ranging from a youthful look to a pagen cut. Fine mini-braid and casual waves are added.

As far as make-up is concerned, classical music is the order of the day, but it is much more striking than in the previous seasons. Eyeliner and glossy eyeshadows often occur. The lips are neutral, but different methods for visual magnification are used with natural remedies. Ombre effects with natural colors are very strong. The delicate appearance is a great contrast to the conspicuous eye make-up.

So if we were to choose a key word for the atmosphere in Cannes 2017, it would probably be: determination. You show courage in the colors, lengths, fabrics and cuts. A lot of classic elements are represented. It is therefore dare to attract them and show the corresponding level. The originality is achieved mainly by individual handling of the details and the modernity is emphasized by the fashionable nuances of the classic colors.

This is one of the latest green colors of the season

Current green color

Bella Hadid’s latest make-up style

Bella hadid

Chanel Iman in very topical blue

Chanel iman

This look of Ella Flemming has received the greatest acclaim

Ella flamming probably best look

Eva Longoria, Nicole Kidman, Andie Macdowell

Eva longoria nicole kidman andie macdowell black contrasts

In the picture: Elle Fanning, Nicole Kidman, Sofia Coppola, Collin Farrell, Angourie Rice, Addison Riecke

Beguiled Red Carpet Arrivals - The 70th Annual Cannes Film Festival


Sara sampaio ella flemming and more
Some of best looks

Uma Thurmans Make Up

Uma thurman

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