Order Stylish Business Cards: The Little Guide

As you know, there is no second impression. Therefore, you want to present yourself both privately and professionally as well as possible and thus become interesting and memorable for your counterpart. One of the best tools for this are the well-tried business cards. These compact cards contain all the important contact details of a person or company – name, function, address, telephone number, website and email address and help in a clean and direct way to share this information with others. At conferences or business meetings, at trade fairs or in private conversations – business cards are your best helpers to make new contacts, to maintain these or to take up new ones.

It may seem rather paradoxical that printed books are making a comeback in times of digitization. But this is a clear trend that is felt worldwide. The same applies to business cards. These are not only no snow from yesterday, but they remain very topical today and are even back in trend. And although new technologies have long since made it possible to digitize everything, personal contact remains the most important to most of us.

Make the perfect first impression with high quality business cards

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Which design is the right one for business cards?

When designing your business cards, there is basically something wrong or incorrect. On the one hand, one can listen to one’s own gut feeling, but nevertheless one should orient oneself somewhat according to the specific business sector, if the business card is to optimally fulfill its professional purpose. Today a business card is available in abundance. So you can easily feel overwhelmed, until the best decision is made. Luckily, there are experienced professionals on site or online to help you with your order business cards give you the best possible advice and make the necessary decision support.

Not only can you choose different layouts, styles, and designs for your all-important business cards, you can also choose specific items, paper types, textures, and coatings, depending on your job and personal preference. For example, the classic standard business cards in rectangular shape are no longer the only ones. Nowadays, business cards with rounded edges or even in an oval shape are much more striking. You may also want a slimmer business card or one that is leaf or circular. Also folded or transparent plastic business cards are very popular lately and often preferred. Except for one-sided printing, you can have your business card printed on both sides and give it that certain something.

Make a business card for business purposes best stylish and simple

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Everything is already possible. Nevertheless, you should be careful not to overload your business cards too much with data and graphical elements. Otherwise, they will quickly become intrusive and can be annoying and boring for your business partners and customers.

The most beautiful design and the highest originality will be lost, if the print quality is not right. Therefore, when ordering your business cards, you should not only rely on high-quality materials, but also on the best printing technology. And that means in principle: high quality and full color. The most modern, common printing techniques are digital printing and offset printing. What exactly should you choose? This question is rather specific and most precise to be answered by experts rather than for any particular project. At this point we can briefly point to some advantages of offset printing over digital printing.

Advantages of offset printing:

  • Texts and pictures become even clearer and sharper
  • for mass production very cost effective
  • greater flexibility when it comes to different surfaces and textures

When designing your business card, rely on the advice of experienced professionals

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The business card interculturally and historically considered

Some historians claim that even the ancient Egyptians should have used some kind of business cards. It is certain that business cards have been used by noblemen since the 17th century in France and later in England, Austria and Germany. Called visit cards at that time, they served a noble person to announce their visit to the landlord. Only later did it make its business card into the business world, and since then has it lost in importance, because either way, it definitely remains something emotional.

That’s why you should always treat the business card of your business partners or customers with attention and respect. Especially if you do business in Japan or generally with Japanese partners, you should be very careful. The business card should always be removed with two hands and slight prevention as well as given away. And in Oriental countries or India, for example, it would be wise to touch business cards only with your right hand. The left is considered impure in most of these cultures, and you certainly do not want to annoy or insult your customers or business associates.

Find out more about the intercultural side of the business card!

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In addition to the right choice of words and matching clothing, business cards in the professional and private social life are still essential and essential for a good first impression. It would therefore be advisable not to leave the design of your business cards to chance, but to have them professionally designed. You have countless opportunities to do so, not only in a local print shop, but also in a few easy clicks online. You can and will actively participate in the design. Listen to your gut feeling and pay attention to style and individuality.

We wish you a good success and a lot of success in your professional and private life!

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