Remove Stains – Classic Tips From Experienced Housewives

Each of us has a lot of clothes that you can only wear for one season and then throw away. Many of the clothes you buy cheaply do not last more than a few months. In our topic today, however, we only deal with these garments that are of a high sentimental value that you care for and even love.

How to remove stains would be important to know during the holidays

Stains remove christmas dinner

In less than three weeks, we welcome the first advent and from then on you will have more than enough occasions to be chic. The festive days are traditionally celebrated with exquisite food and selected drinks and during the festive mood it can happen that you shake wine over your favorite dress or your pants.

The likelihood of messing up his clothes with food is even greater at Christmas time, and sometimes the furniture gets a little less. Small children’s hands and fused chocolate may not fit together in one sentence, but if that happens, each of you can imagine the logical consequence of it.

It can happen that you shed or shake something and the stain is there

Stains remove blood vorwaesche

Stain on clothes – what to do?!

Yes, exactly today, it’s about how you can remove stains and that according to classic recipes of experienced housewives. This means that we do not resort to traditional detergents, but look for simple and safe solutions that are effective and totally free.

For example, when brewing coffee you should first try to vacuum the liquid

Remove stains to treat coffee stain

Remove stains just like our grandmothers did

Many of the drinks or foods we eat contain dyes that immediately enter the tissues as soon as they come into contact with them. Now let’s take a look at the most common cases where you are looking for a quick and effective solution.

Berries and cherries are among the most difficult cases, but with boiling water disappear even without a trace

to remove stains

grease spot

As soon as they notice that you’ve spilled your food, sprinkle it with plenty of salt. The salt removes the fat from the tissue and after the first wash you will not find a trace of the stain.

To get the greasy stains out, you need plain salt

Remove stains grease stain t shirt

Just sprinkle over the stain, let it soak in, dab it off and wash gently

Stains remove salt against grease
Stains remove greasy pizza

Red wine stain

The stain of red wine is annoying, but on the other hand there are good aids, such as the milk. If the stain has just been created, soak the garment in milk and then wash it in the washing machine. Older patches could also be found out by treating them with lemon juice and sprinkling with salt.

Red wine creates the worst spots, but you can also make them disappear

Remove stains red wine carpet stain
Remove stains red wine
Stains remove christmas dinner lemon


Everybody knows the situation where you have to make an important appointment and, of course, shed your coffee over your clothes. No panic! Coffee stains can be washed out, but first it is necessary to provide first aid and to treat the stain with either soda or baking soda.

Remove stains from coffee
Stains remove blood


Lipstick can come on clothes for one reason or another. The way out is called sparkling gasoline.

Remove stains lipstick


This is really unattractive and even if it seems unlikely, you can quickly remove the nasty stains from the deodorant with dryer cloths.

Remove stains deospray


Blood stains can easily come off the fabric if you immediately put the garment in cold water. Somewhat older stains require treatment with hydrogen peroxide.

Remove stains Remove blood stain

wild berries

All berries taste good and all can leave intense memories. This is ensured by the dye contained in the fruit juice, whereas you can only work with boiling water.

You can treat and remove stains. However, it is important to consider the specificity of the fabric and be more careful with silk, linen and cotton.

Stains remove berries stain
Remove stains baking powder
Stains remove coffee sauce on the sofa
Remove stains from chocolate
Remove stains from tomato sauce