Safes And Alarm Systems- What Is New At Smart Home?

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If you are living in a modern home and you are about to make everything PERFECT, you should consider the security of your valuables. Safes are something reliable, but they are best connected to banks. There are, however, also elegant safe solutions for house and apartment, of which we will not report today. You are already thinking about safe alarm systems and we would say that you are very close to it, but that too will not be our topic today.

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Safe or alarm system?

If you are faced with a dilemma and can not decide whether a vault or an alarm system guarantees you the best security, we have an innovative surprise at your disposal. Believe it or not, it’s about a modern invention that combines the two security measures to create a very elegant, user-friendly and intelligent system for your Smart Home.

EiMSIG ® Format Tresore is a modern concept that not only protects you and your home from uninvited guests, but also alerts you in case of fire. And the best thing is that you can control it remotely via your smartphone.

Alarms and alarms

The perfect functioning of the safety system is possible by the cooperation of two renowned companies in the field. The leading pan-European Tresor specialists from Tresorbau are currently collaborating with the giants of Smart EiMSIG Smarthome. This means that it is now conceivable to harmonize safes and alarm systems and to protect important documents and valuables from theft as well as from fire.

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How the whole thing works:

The vault is equipped with a sensor which permanently monitors the vault door. These measures are intended only in the case of cases which, fortunately, are rare or never occur, but as we all know, the opportunity makes you a thief. So we prefer to think in advance of our security and listen to the old wisdom that trust is good, but control even better.

If an attempt should be made to break the Tresort door, an alarm signal is triggered immediately. The safe can also be switched on or off independently of the alarm system of the house.

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Different security levels and trasor formats are taken into account and executed according to the individual requirements of the customer. To find out more about this, ask for a non-binding offer on the company’s website today! The friendly and competent staff will be pleased to advise you by phone or email about each product and, together with you and their sales partners, will find the right and optimal solutions for your personal business!

Secure your valuables and documents against fire and theft, and enjoy your travels and holidays without fear of losing control of your safe!

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