So Clean Up After The”KonMari Method”!

Do you already have the hype around the Bestseller by Marie Kondo noticed? Or even tried the clever Aufräumipps the author herself? If you have not heard of it or have not experienced it yourself, then you are absolutely right here. For today it is about the”KonMari method”and how to clean up it perfectly, while at the same time freeing yourself from the superfluous and unusable.

Would you also like to get rid of contaminated sites? If so, the practical tips for refurbishing from the trendy Marie Kondo book”Magic Cleaning – How proper tidying up changes your life”. The bookstore costs only 9.99 euros and it’s worth every penny. Quite a lot about the trendy clean-up method can of course be found on Youtube. We have summarized in this post the most important and would like to share it. What principles does the KonMari method have and how do you best combine garments? Stay with us and learn more.

More order and serenity with the”KonMari method”

dresser clean up clothes konmari method

Inner peace and clarity through the”KonMari method”

The well-known Japanese order counselor, who already has courses and seminars on proper disposal and tidying up teaches that external disorder has a great deal to do with inner uncertainty and unrest. In contrast, a well-organized home is the starting point for more inner order and clarity.

Of course, clearing out personal belongings is a very specific process and must not be forced, but always come from an inner desire. When you’re ready for it, it works smoothly and without undue stress.

Clean up kitchen cupboards using the KonMari method

clean up shelves konmari method

One of the principles of cleaning up after Marie Kondo is actually the right mucking. And these two processes – mucking out and tidying up – must under no circumstances be exchanged or carried out at the same time. But on the contrary! First, all, but really all, items are sorted out, by categories, not spaces. You always start with the things that are the least emotionally charged – clothes, books, etc. and work through papers, bits and pieces and memory.

The hanging and folding of the clothes is very important

wardrobe cleaning up konmari method

Only then does one begin with the actual order. Throughout the cleanup action, it would be best to be alone and not hear loud or emotional music so you can stay with yourself. Because only in this way can one calmly and above all consciously assess which objects should be cleared out and which not. And how do you decide on that? Well, not everyone will find that easy. In addition, the”KonMari method”helps you to practice this and thereby learn more about yourself. At the same time you separate yourself from old, useless things that are just lying around in your home or office, unnecessarily disturbing your concentration and calm.

Minimalist art of living based on the”KonMari method”

Komari method clean up with system

Marie Kondo’s most important up-market tips at a glance:

  • Start with less emotionally charged items, such as books or clothes. And at the end come then memorabilia such as children’s crafts, holiday souvenirs and photos.
  • Clean up by categories completely. Stack all the things of a category in piles on the floor or on the beds to get a better overview.
  • Very important when sorting out: take each individual thing in your hands and ask yourself what you feel. If this is fun and you have a good gut feeling, the item may remain.
  • Everything that remains should have its own permanent place – keys, clothes, shoes, etc.
  • Things that have been used, put away immediately – that saves time and does not often and long to clean up again.
  • Keep everything as convenient as possible and store it! That is, according to Marie Kondo – wise selection of repositories and containers. The things you need more often should be quick and easy to stow away, and those that you rarely or in any other season need may be a little harder to reach.

Clothes wrinkles with system

konmari method t-shirt fold

And? What do you think of the”KonMari method”? Would you like to try it yourself? It all sounds a bit too much in the beginning and it can be a bit time consuming, but it definitely pays off to try it out. It’s not said you should do absolutely everything exactly as described in the book. Rather, consider the method as a collection of clever tips and suggestions that will help you to become more aware and think about your buying and consuming habits.

The hip cleanup method is a remarkable, minimalist approach that you can apply not only to living and setting up, but also to life in general.

And if you’re wondering, what are you doing with the mishandled items and garments, then we’ll give you a few ideas:

  • Organize a swap party
  • Sell ​​the stuff on the internet
  • Donate these to charitable organizations

So, take advantage of the remarkable”KonMari Method”, disconnect from old things and behaviors and rearrange your life!

Thorough mucking and proper cleaning up will do the soul good

konmari method tidying storage boxes living room

Folded so clothes take less space in the closet

socks wipes fold cabinets clean up konmari method

Clothes fold together konmari method

The properly folded clothes should be able to stand vertically

clothes fold konmarie method

The same goes for socks…

socks folding konmari method dresses clean up

A space saving solution for your handbags

wardrobe organize bags colors konmari method

Clarity in the cabinet, clarity in the thoughts!

bedroom wardrobe clean up konmari method


You could also say that about your desk

well organized desk konmari method

This should be well cleaned and decorated according to your own needs

konmari method home office clean up indoor plants
desk organize konmari method

And what about your night consoles?

night console table lamp white roses konmari method

Clean kitchen shelves according to the”KonMari method”

order kitchen konmari method