Spring Cleaning: Systematic Procedures And Tips For Cleaning The House

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Thorough cleaning, such as spring cleaning, must be at least twice a year. They provide for more health at home and fresher air in their own four walls. But what does it matter? Not necessarily on the expensive cleaning products. In many respects they are even harmful to Our health and the environment , When do you need them at all? The chemical cleaning agents are often required for the cleaning of heavily soiled objects and furniture. But in a well-maintained home we can largely forgo it.
The main theme of our contribution is how to realize an environmentally friendly basic cleaning. In parallel we have a checklist for your environmentally friendly cleaning.

The environmentally friendly spring spillage brings more health

Green household important

We attach particular importance to the following questions:

• How should a systematic cleaning be organized in the spring?
• What are the harmful ingredients in cleaning agents?
• How can you replace them?
• What useful tips for the environmentally friendly cleaning of the individual rooms must we keep in mind?

Environmentally friendly also means”beautifully scented”

Hygiene can also be environmentally friendly

Organization of spring cleaning

How long does a spring cleaning actually take?

Most people need a few days. The exact duration depends, on the one hand, on whether we devote ourselves to this activity all day, or rather to divide the work for a few days. In addition, of course, the size of the apartment or house is of importance.
Here is a checklist for thorough spring cleaning:

– Thorough removal from dust with a vacuum cleaner or other suitable means: Here we include the floor, walls, furniture, all textiles, carpets, storage space, accessories and accessories.
– thorough washing: some of the clothes or the carpets can be very dusty. Instead, wash them, which you have not used for a long time before you return them to the appropriate storage rooms. The carpets should be sent for professional cleaning. So you can also make the floor free for thorough cleaning.
– Cleaning of surfaces, sanitary facilities, sinks, washbasins, accessories.
– thorough floor cleaning, in the bathroom – also from walls and ceilings. Cleaning of mirrors and windows needs special attention.

Less resources and more organization – this is how environmentally friendly spring cleaning works

Some environmentally friendly means

The sensible direction

The efficient cleaning also has its sensible directions. They vary from household to household, but there are certain basic principles, which are mostly general. This is usually the case The one would be: clean from top to bottom! It is not worth to clean the floor when you dust the upper shelves and the ceiling afterwards. It would also be useful to move from the more hidden to the more visible. The tricky and not often clean spots in the house collect the most dirt and dust. You have a lot to do there. Instead, start with what you see every day more and more often, make you double the work. They will then get dirty from the hidden spots. Finally, we would like to point out that you will finally clean up the rooms, where you throw the garbage and the dirty water. the hallway , The terrace and the bathroom. Important tip: Do not forget the cleaning of the channels!

Estimate the time and sequence of spring cleaning and make your own plan. Try to remain realistic in terms of duration and effort. Let yourself be a few days as an additional reserve!
Now you can create a list of the required cleaners. With good planning you need less. Also allow time to research good environmental alternatives. To avoid the need for chemicals or reduce the need of these to the minimum.

The second part of our article, which we are devoting to this topic, will help you ,

Here is a video on the topic with further ideas and tricks on the system of cleaning:

With some soap and water, the windows are quick and easy to clean

Simply clean windows

Cleaning with Backsoda can be successful in many places in the household

Clean with backsoda

A sustainable, well-cleaned home smells beautiful

Environmentally friendly spring cleaning aromas

Environmentally friendly cleaning of dirty surfaces is possible!

Environmentally friendly surface clean

Environmentally friendly spring cleaning is fun!

Little need clean up

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