Spring Cleaning With Environmentally Friendly Means

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In the first part of our article We went into the system of successful spring cleaning. We have illustrated them with a few examples. In this part of our article, we would like to discuss the environmentally friendly alternatives for detergents. They are from the View of health And the environment.

Let’s start with what ingredients are most harmful to our body.

Green spring cleaning is the trend

Vinegar glossy modern home

Do not use the following remedies for your spring cleaning


The bleaches are designed to make surfaces and textiles look brighter and cleaner. However, they are quite harmful to the human skin. This can also adversely affect other organs. Our mucous membrane is quite sensitive to bleaching agents.


Enzymes are one of the main causes of allergies.

Clean the environment, keep healthy and happy

Cheaper fresh eco happy


They are very harmful to the environment because they destroy harmony in many ecological systems. Especially the algae spread in large quantities under the influence of these. This can lead among other things to the deterioration of the quality of our water.


Surfactants are not biodegradable. They accumulate quickly in large quantities in nature and form foam in rivers and lakes.

Dyes, aromas, preservatives

They are produced from petroleum derivatives. Most of them are thought to be carcinogenic.

The combination of soda and lemon ensures effective cleaning

Soda lemon combination

What can be used to replace the harmful cleaning agents during spring cleaning?

There are a number of environmentally-friendly cleaners that produce fabulous results on their own or in combination. We would also like to draw your attention to their characteristics. Then we give you some more helpful tips.


The acetic acid you should prefer in the form of wine vinegar During spring cleaning. This allows you to clean very different surfaces. Successfully remove lime, disinfect the refrigerator, the microwave, the dishwasher etc. This allows you to remove the dirt at home, destroy the microorganisms, clean the joints and tiles without scratches.

Cleaning with vinegar and alcohol is very effective

Vinegar and alcoholic beverages

baking soda

This is another classic detergent. It is used in any household. This will successfully dissolve fat in the oven. Backsoda has an aggressive structure and can damage some glossy surfaces. Be particularly careful.

Otherwise, you can use this environmentally friendly cleaning agent as follows: Mix Backsoda with water until a medium-density consistency is reached. This allows you to clean and sanitize sanitary facilities. Then you can also successfully clean the water drains: they are freed when they are clogged and disinfected.

With Backsoda you effectively clean the joints in the bathroom

Soda joint bath

Essential oils

Especially lavender And tea tree can be very helpful in spring cleaning. They are used for aromatic therapy, but they also have an incredible cleaning power. Especially in households with babies and toddlers we would recommend this to you.

olive oil

The olive oil is another excellent cleansing agent: you can cultivate wonderful wood surfaces.

The essential oils such as lavender and tea tree are great for the tree

Tea tree cleansing fragrant

More helpful tips

On the Internet, you will find various combinations that significantly improve the effect of the individual funds. In addition, you will learn more about the scope of their use. We also have some more useful tips:

With Backsoda you can better suck

Backsoda carpet cleaning

In the bathroom

In the bathroom you can clean almost everything with vinegar. Dip a cloth in vinegar and distribute the liquid on all surfaces. Wipe with a damp, clean cloth. It is best to take a microfiber cloth.

The kitchen

In the kitchen, use talk. He takes the dirt very well. After spreading it all over for a few minutes, wipe with a damp cloth. Then the tiles will shine.

Water stains on the furniture

Do you have water stains on your furniture? You can wipe them with a damp cloth that has been dipped in vinegar. Then dry well with a suitable fabric.

Lavender for more cleanliness and freshness everywhere at home

Lavender in the bathroom

Glass and tiles

With vinegar at home you can clean glass and tiles. For the first you need only water and a few drops of the environmentally friendly detergent. This also removes lime from the dishes.

Dusty and yellowed curtains

Yellowed curtains can refresh you with backsoda. Immerse this product in a solution of backsoda and water. Leave this there for about an hour. If you wash the curtains, it helps by the way, if you add a spoon backsoda.

Do not neglect the power of citric acid

Clean with lemon

citric acid

All surfaces in the bathroom can be cleaned with citric acid. This is a powerful remedy for lime and other remnants.


The salt helps to remove mold. Dissolve this in the water and spread it on the surfaces.

Some of the most important environmental friendly products at a glance

Medium for home-made cleaning

Colored and varnished surfaces

Clean painted and painted surfaces with soapy water. Wipe with a damp cloth. This is much more effective than just removing the dust.

Thus the tips and tricks for the environmentally harmful spring cleaning are absolutely not exhausted. We believe, however, that these tips and tricks for the basic cleaning are quite sufficient. In addition, look for further ideas against pollution. There are almost all environmental friendly solutions. They are also much healthier than these, which, though they can produce good results through chemistry, harm your body.

Why environmental clean-up is important, please read the following video

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