Sustainable Travel – Definitions And Useful Tips

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It is normal that the first time you are a bit confused in front of the word combination”sustainable travel”and not know at first. That’s because you first start thinking about sustainable life. You live, think and naturally continue to consume. However, this already happens with a much more conscious attitude to life and a much clearer responsibility of nature and thus of the planet and of all humankind. If you make an effort to create a”sustainable rhythm”in your residential area and just think that he has the sustainable life completely under control, the time comes to go on vacation. The conscience works actively, but you really should not do without traveling. In today’s article, we would like to deal with just this topic, how to pursue his passion for travel and thereby (um) world-friendly.

Travel sustainably and carry the green message on

How can I travel in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way?

You can travel around the world sustainably, if you only follow a few simple rules. The world is contaminated enough by us humans, and if we want to do something good in our lives and leave it, now is the right time for such a beginning.

Respect the rules in every foreign country you travel

Have your own bottle, your own cup

If you travel a lot and like to travel, you can get used to carrying your own drinking cup / bottle and even cutlery for each case.

Remember that sometimes your pampering is at the expense of others

Sustainable travel Sustainable life Inhabited travel destinations Sustainable tourism How is it possible

Plan the travel routes and choose the suitable means of transport

sustainable travel sustainable life popular travel destinations planning route planning

2. Support the local economy

Whoever makes holidays abroad and benefits from the great offers of many tour operators, should know that about 90% of the tourist revenue does not flow into the economy of the respective country. Thus, the land and its inhabitation have seen virtually nothing of your visit there.

You can shop in local shops and dine in restaurants on site. It would also be good if you are accommodated privately ( and are traveling by public transport. Make sure, but first, if that is not too dangerous for your destination.

Be sure to remember what’s behind you

Think again about what the real purpose of traveling is

sustainable travel sustainable life popular travel destinations real tranquility

3. Look for eco-friendly and regional travel providers

There are more and more really exciting travel entrepreneurs who promote sustainability and are more and more guided by nature-friendly methods with safe steps.

The local economy should be supported by the tourists

Sustainable Travel Sustainable Life Regional Vegetables
Sustainable Travel Sustainable Life Plan popular travel destinations

4. Enjoy the comfort of the hotel with the following tricks

For the hotels the same rules apply as at home – shower briefly and lukewarm and do not ask for new towels and bed linen every day!

sustainable travel sustainable life popular travel destinations environmentally conscious
Sustainable travel Sustainable life Local producers help

5.Limplify waste and avoid waste

What you do not do at home, you should not necessarily allow yourself abroad. Therefore, avoid a lot of waste and try to produce as little garbage as possible.

sustainable travel sustainable life popular travel destinations nature


If flying is unavoidable, try to travel green in a foreign country.

sustainable travel sustainable life bicycle train eko
Boats moored in a canal, Canali di Venezia, Burano, Venetian Lagoon, Venice, Veneto, Italy

7.Multifunctional charger

Get a universal charger for everything that needs electricity and in your opinion belongs to your holiday. Even on vacation, remember that you must not waste your energy.

8. Think green and look for innovative travel start ups

With each passing day, the green, younger start ups become more and more, so you do not have to spend weeks looking for an environmentally friendly offer on the net. Find exactly the provider that meets your expectations and criteria and get started.

sustainable travel sustainable life bicycle train earth
sustainable travel sustainable live live healthy

Why sustainable travel is important?

It’s really hard to list all the good reasons, but at least try to mention the most important ones:

The fact that we can support the economy in a region through sustainability is simply fantastic, even if our contribution is very tiny. There is one more thing that is very striking and important in a global plan, and that is the culture.

By having many thoughts in advance about the environment, one can also protect the world from a cultural point of view. If you already travel to foreign countries, it would be very sensible to know the customs and customs, as well as food and drinks on site and to take intense.

You can plan your travel routes economically and environmentally friendly and always strive to improve your environment.

sustainable travel sustainable life popular travel destinations planning tasting

sustainable travel sustainable life popular travel destinations indigenous culture
Sustainable Travel Sustainable Living Join regional manufacturers
sustainable travel sustainable life popular travel destinations
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Sustainable travel Sustainable life Bike train driving
Sustainable Travel Sustainable Life Regional Producer Gobi Desert Camel
Sustainable travel Sustainable living Regional manufacturer responsibility
sustainable travel sustainable life boat less flights

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