The Comeback Of The Infographic 10 Useful Tools For Optimal Results

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For a while, infographics were topical and they have always liked to visualize data. Whether for a presentation or as a supplement to the scientific project, infographics were always a good means, which made the content more understandable.

The multimediale time has made the infographics quickly”yesterday’s snow”. The popular graphic form was quickly replaced by enlightening videos and interactive fields and one has not even suspected that the”snow of gestten”can return.

Infographics example

What is an infographic?

Now, infographics proves to be a very optimal form that can convey complex and complex content. The creation of an infographic requires, of course, a serious preparation, but the tools of today allow each user himself and simply implement these professionally and well.

What tools are nowadays called for, how to optimize the work process, the communication possibilities and presentation techniques, we would like to know immediately.

We enclose the 10 common tools with which you can structure and visualize your content in an uncomplicated and fast way.

The new feature of today’s infographics is, of course, the compatibility with the new smart media and the convenient and flexible online use of the platforms.

Infographic canva

1. Canva – the designer tool for beginners

If you want to create your first infographics and have no previous experience, Canva’s online service with prefabricated infographic templates is an excellent option. The only effort to use this tool is the required login before you go.

Infographics easelly

2. Easelly- the last minute infographic tool

If it is fast and uncomplicated, then you can use the free templates of Easelly on the fast. However, if you plan to use CSV files in your infographics, you’ll be better off using alternative tools.


3. Visme

Excel and Google Sheet’s friends can already look forward to the relatively new tool named Visme, which makes the work flawless.

Infographics pochochart

4. Timeline JS

Timeline JS is an alternative to the classic creation of infographics. As the name implies, this tool allows a chronological arrangement of the data. In addition, the user can easily load his data from sources such as Twitter, Youtube, Flickr or similar.

Infographics Tableau Public


For all those who like to interact interactively, we present this free tool, in which you do not even need a registration. The only thing that seems to be limiting in this tool is the limited choice of design templates.

Infographic visions

6.Vizualize Me

This tool can be exciting for Linkedin users and entrepreneurs. Uploads of entire resumes can be made without any problems. And once all the data are available, the program creates a visual overview of the applicant’s life, interests, or experience.


7.Tableau Public

This tool creates a lot of work and is a free Windows software. Complex tables can be visualized clearly and logically, but there is a lack of design templates.

Infographic visually


With this tool, you can customize your own personal infographics. Depending on whether you prefer the free or the paid version, you can select many topics appropriate to your project and finally download your results as a PNG file.



This program corresponds well with the current Microsoft tables and allows for a smooth data transfer. The only hack you could remember is the lack of possibility to download the final result. A preview and publication is only possible on the Infogram website. If you decide to subscribe, you can use the extra benefits of the application, including downloading final infographics.



Finally, we would like to introduce you to an application that is less functional in terms of infographics. With the tool named Visually you have the possibility to present your designs live. The program is free of charge and if you are planning to create chic and functional infographics in a foreseeable future, you can already gather inspiration, ideas and suggestions without any money on Visually’s website.


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