The Horseradish Recipe – A Culinary Highlight And Natural Remedy At The Same Time

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After the organic and vegan wave we suddenly hear a lot about the health values ​​and qualities of many local and imported root vegetables, such as ginger and horseradish. Over the ginger many can already sing a song and seem to be well informed about this exotic plant. Why does the horseradish remain on the line and how many of us can correctly identify the root in the market. Of course you know the horseradish from the good middle-class cuisine or as a sharp side dish for the smoked salmon, but more you do not seem to know.

A horseradish recipe is able to enrich your taste buds and protect you against colds

What do we not know about horseradish?

With horseradish you can spice up a lot of food, everyone knows that. But that the horseradish is one of the strongest antibiotics from nature, remains unknown. In case of a bad cold you should take a tablespoon of grated horseradish to the meal until the cold gives way.

Cupping and sore throats are combated with the same natural remedies, and one could prepare delicious bread spreads or sauces and eat them regularly.

The healthy roots can be found on the weekly markets and in the health food store

horseradish remedy

Horseradish – a medicinal plant with great benefits for our health

With today’s article, we want to expand your culinary knowledge with another horseradish recipe, but bring you the benefits of horseradish for our health and overall well-being.

Free your mucous membrane with horseradish and breathe deeply

horseradish remedy for medicinal plants

Food with horseradish rid the nose and all the airways from the annoying mucus. In the case of problematic tonsils and stomach complaints, the horseradish has a mucolytic and relieving effect. However, the grated mass should only be used in small quantities.

There is still much to discover in natural healing

horseradish remedy

Keep horseradish properly

How can you keep the horseradish roots well and benefit from its natural and curable benefits over time?

Take a medium-sized root, clean it and remove the bark. In the next step, rub the whole root on a plate and then fill it in a clean glass. On the grated mass, wine or apple cider is then poured (at will) until the quantity of horseradish is covered. This glass can be stored in the refrigerator and used occasionally and only spoon-like.

As a culinary specialty, horseradish is becoming more and more popular and popular

horseradish remedy

Horseradish sauces – regional delicacies that are both tasty and healthy.

The medicine offered by us with horseradish and vinegar is open, not the most delicious, which you can taste, so we offer immediately afterwards a horseradish recipe for delicious sauce, which can be adapted to many meat and vegetable dishes. How to make the Horseradish sauce properly prepared, is explained in the enclosed recipe.

Autumn is the time when you can provide for good health in winter

horseradish remedy

Grated roots placed in vinegar keep long in the refrigerator

horseradish remedy

(Un) known dishes with horseradish

The unsightly root is becoming more and more a culinary highlight and not just as an injection to sushi. (The Wasabi paste consists of Japanese horseradish). Cold veggies, smoked salmon, but also vegetable creations can be garnished with the spicy and healthy spice. Last but not least you can conjure up extravagant and health-promoting desserts with horseradish. The recipe can be found below.

In the next article we continue our culinary discovery journey with seasonal winter vegetables from your region. Until then, we wish you all the best and a good appetite!

Delicious dill potatoes become more delicious and nutritious with horseradish sauce and fresh caviar

horseradish remedy medicinal root dilkartoffel with radish

Spicy and hearty – with this combination you will satisfy all your guests

horseradish remedy healing bueffelsandwitch

When that must go quickly – smoked salmon sandwiches with radish and red onions

horseradish remedy
horseradish remedy medicinal root remedy dip

Whether cold or hot, the soup tasted better with a horseradish garnish

horseradish remedy medicinal root with red beets

The fresh cheese with radish and nuts – made quickly, filling and very healthy

horseradish recipe medicinal herb creations

To each type of fillet you can add a drop of the horseradish sauce

horseradish remedy medicinal herbs

What do you need more at the table when the food is fresh and healthy?

horseradish remedy medicinal root and peas

The popular potato salad can be used for a change with eggs and horseradish sauce

horseradish recipe medicinal potato salad with horseradish

Sweet potatoes taste great when you offer a hot dip

horseradish remedy

A nationwide popular delicacy – take you instead of mustard and mayo, horseradish and avocado

horseradish remedy medicinal eggs stuffed with avocado and creamy horseradish
horseradish remedy medicinal root dip

As a salad dressing, the sharpness of the horseradish is fantastic

horseradish remedy healing root vinaigrette
red cabbage recipe
horseradish remedy

Japanese people really appreciate the qualities of horseradish

horseradish remedy medicinal herbs japanese kitchen
horseradish remedy medicinal supplement to the short

Rösti can also be made with beetroot and garnish with catmint and horseradish

horseradish remedy healing red beete roesti with sousse

The famous Wasabi paste is also made from horseradish

horseradish remedy medicinal herb home made
horseradish remedy healing root vinaigrette
horseradish remedy
horseradish remedy asparagus salmon
horseradish remedy medicinal root remover with coconut
red cabbage recipe
horseradish remedy healing salat dressing

Whoever has made it to this point still receives the recipe for Beetroot horseradish terrine

horseradish remedy
horseradish remedy

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