The Perfect Barbeque – Designers Will Tell You What You Need To Consider

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Choosing an appropriate grill is not a difficult task today, because the optics are not the top priority for many. In Germany it is mostly grilled outside and when you are done, the cover comes on it and the grill is positioned on the side of the house. A systematic process that is sometimes much too boring for the guests and the grill master. Our editorial team has selected 5 exclusive and clever possibilities that can make the barbecue much more attractive and practical. Review the following paragraphs for the latest updates on this topic.

Outdoor grill

Grilling in the garden is always a good idea and very practical. Combining the summer kitchen with the grilling area makes the process much easier. What is important is that there is a sink, because you will save a lot of time if you wash the vegetables the same. Such a grill station should be well designed and equipped with all necessary accessories.

Can you enjoy a practical outdoor grill?

outdoor grill

Good light design

The right lighting design is the special thing about every barbeque site. So you have a comprehensive overview of the barbecue specialties. A rich selection of variants such as LED strips, hanging lights and even decorative light bulbs will make the barbeque more inviting. Do not forget that the brightness is in the first place and test the lighting before you mount it.

Be creative in lighting design

cool light design

Shadow is an advantage

The necessary lighting design for a grilling station, the more important is a well-organized shadow there. On hot days, a wooden roof construction can make a distinct difference. For this, you do not need to design a difficult roof concept, but a simple and qualitative construction that is robust and durable.

Stable and functional design


Grills with own design

Who says grilling is only suitable for outdoor use? At first glance, you think it is a normal living room, but in reality it is a veranda with a built-in grille, an extra large fridge, a dishwasher and even an ice machine. If you can afford such a concept and do not like grilling outside, it is the right solution for you.

Barbecue can also be fun in the interior

grills indoors

Attractive design

stone wall design grillstelle

Lounge area – Why is it so important?

Grilling is a process in which you only have to sit and wait for the products to be finished. This time, you can easily make a lot more interesting and exciting for your guests. Think about how the barbeque could be made more inviting. Our tip is to organize a lounge area next to the barbecue. There are hundreds of variants of garden furniture, such as upholstered furniture, rocking chairs or polyrattan lounge. Also get extra chairs, because sometimes there are unexpected guests when it comes to a BBQ party. The lounge area should definitely be comfortable for the guests. It is important that the grill and lounge areas are positioned close to each other.

Inviting lounge area with a perfect view

Lounge area grillstelle

The barbecue season is already over, but our clever ideas will help you to continue grilling in autumn and winter.

Grilling and talking to the family at the same time is always a great job

grilling with pleasure and whim


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