The RC Cars – Passion, Perfection And Pure Adrenaline!

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Remote controlled or even RC cars, are definitely going to come back and enjoy great popularity among autofans, racing fanatics and hobbyists. On track or difficult terrain numerous RC car races are organized and club championships are carried out. It is still called – RC Modellbausport and Racing. It is an exciting hobby, which makes men’s hearts beat faster, because real guys like it sometimes just crunch. The modellautos are technical masterpieces in miniature and give every passionate model builder or car enthusiast pure driving pleasure, action and adrenaline pure. The whole passion and perfection of the builders lies in a model, which comes close to the original vehicle, depending on the model and scale. It is a motor-racing experience in small format, which feels absolutely authentic.

Maybe you are infected with this passionate passion, or your partner or good friend has long been a big fan of RC Model Sports ? Then this is definitely a hot topic for conversations and surprises, which can be a pleasure for you and the other. Especially when it comes to gift ideas for racing fans and speed lovers, RC cars and the appropriate accessories are simply ideal.

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RC cars: This makes the purchase decision easier for you

Before you buy a RC car or the right accessories for it you should ask a few crucial questions. What type of car would you like to have or give away? Respectively: What remote-controlled car the recipient already has? Is he a beginner or has he already gained experience with it? Does he have a weakness for works and handicrafts, or is he rather the impatient guy who just wants to leave immediately and has nothing to do with the cars themselves?

These are all very important points, because radio-controlled RC Modellautos are available in all variants and scales. So you are quickly faced with the agony of choice. For this reason, we would like to offer you a small guide to RC cars in the next few lines as an aid to the purchase decision. The laity among you will especially appreciate this. So let’s start!

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It is a fundamental question, the answer to which is decisive in the selection of the autotype. Just like when buying an original car, you should already know where the RC car is basically driven. On or off the Glattbahn? This depends on whether you choose a smart racing car or an RC buggy or truggy, for example. In contrast to a racing car, these two are more robust and have a much higher ground clearance than the cool cars, but in contrast to achieve an optimum speed on the asphalt.

RC Monstertrucks are also quite popular and are just as good both on-and off-road racers. Imposing and stable, these remarkable RC cars override any uneven terrain and provide just as good a high speed on the slopes. Crowlers are another spectacular variation of remote-controlled cars. These climbers love challenges and challenging trails. Short Course Trucks, Rock Racer and other RC cars are also available.

Then you should decide for the right scale of the RC car. This could be 1:36, 1:28, 1: 18/16, 1:12, 1:10, 1: 8 or 1: 5 depending on previous knowledge, budget and available space.

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What engine and type of drive?

When it comes to motors, you basically have two options – a combustion engine or an electric motor. The first runs with a model fuel or nitro, and the second needs powerful fahrakkus – either nickel-metal hybrid cells, modern lithium-ion batteries or lithium-polymer batteries. RC cars are offered, as with normal cars, either with a two-wheel or four-wheel drive.

Now what is better? Nitro or electric?

Both clearly have their advantages and disadvantages and the answer to this question depends mainly on their own taste, previous knowledge and experience. Nitros, for example, are much more realistic when driving, but on the other hand they are more difficult to stow away. Nitroprit is relatively expensive and is also consumed relatively quickly. The stuff is also highly toxic and you should always take good care of it. In addition, you should also consider the permitted times and places for nitro RC cars, whereas an RC car with electric motor is almost always and everywhere to drive.

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As an RTR or kit?

Last but not least, you should be aware of the fact that the recipient would like to have an RTR (ready to run) car, or rather would prefer a kit called Kit. When it comes to beginners without or with very little experience, the first variant is recommended, because you do not need to do anything on the vehicle – just recharge and go. While you should already have a good technical understanding and sufficient hand skill in a kit.

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It goes without saying that it is also advisable to always buy a high-quality manufacturer and brand when buying, Such as the company Tamiya, which is among the best in Europe as well as LRP, Losi, Vaterra or the well-tried German manufacturer company Jamara. First-class RC cars and accessories for these, which also serve as great gift ideas, can be found, for example here ,

Immerse yourself in the fabulous, exciting world of RC cars and let yourself be inspired and infect with this adrenaline fever! Have fun and… to the Race!

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