The Small Sunscreen Guide For Your Perfect Sun Protection

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As beautiful as the sun warms us, their strong UV rays are not to be underestimated. These are proven to be dangerous not only for our skin, but also for our eyes. On the other hand a good sun protection in the form of a sun umbrella, sun sail or awning, the ideal relaxation conditions when the weather is sunny on the beach, in the garden or on the balcony, while also avoiding dishes and drinks which we would like to consume outside. What really makes a good sun protection or in this case a good sunshade?

In our little guide we summarized the most important thing for you. We hope to provide more clarity for you and to provide you with additional decision support when you buy your perfect sunshade.

Find the right sunshade for any occasion!

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Sun umbrella is not the same umbrella

Apart from that you should watch, always rely on high quality, user-friendly products with optimal UV protection you should already know the main types of umbrellas. Basically it is about two main types – the middle stairs umbrella and the free arm umbrella, also called traffic light umbrella. As the names describe it beautifully, the first screen type has only one middle mast, which carries the entire umbrella. And in the second, however, this mast is differently oriented – on the side. This innovative design, the invention of which is attributed to the Swiss company Glatz AG, has many advantages. Above all, you have much more space and flexibility under the umbrella. There is no pedestal and no mast!

The traffic light screen PENDALEX® from Glatz AG in white

sunscreen umbrella white

Free-arm screens are also an optimal combination of design and functionality. Its practical pivotability leaves a lot of room for improvisation and remodeling, whether it be a terrace, a balcony or a pool. In addition, a traffic light screen with its fine profile always makes a good figure and becomes immediately to the view.

Furthermore, there are also several types of sunshades, which are then considered as variations of the first two. Some of them are: umbrellas, which usually have a diameter of more than 4 m, all-weather umbrellas which are extremely weather-resistant, balcony screens which are often made as wall-mounted umbrellas, etc. Depending on the material, wood or straw screens can also be found. Quite colorful and versatile is the world of umbrellas, not?

What type of sunshade do you actually need?

To be sure of this, you should answer the following questions:

  • Where exactly will the screen stand the most – on the balcony, by the pool, by the table…?
  • Will he be moved, or will he always stay in the same place?
  • What are the main materials of the rest?
  • In which setting is the environment designed?

A lot depends on your answers. For example, the choice of the umbrella base. Is this to be equipped with small rollers, filled with water or sand or rather rather firmly and stably mounted in the floor or on the wall?

Set on top quality umbrellas with modern design!

modern sunscreen design red

Of course, materials, design and colors also play an important role

For all types of sunshades you should always remember that this is a useful item, which almost always remains outside and has to withstand the weather as long as possible. The sun screen protects you not only from the bouncing sun, but also occasionally from some surprising space rain. Therefore, it is all the more important that you attach particular importance to materials and production.

A good sunshade should consist of high quality materials and have an optimal impregnation. The fabric of the umbrella should be dirt, oil and water repellent, as well as putty-resistant. So that stronger wind blows do not matter, a corresponding tear strength would be perfectly appropriate.

Innovative fabrics made of acrylic fibers for the umbrella are particularly recommended and a mast made of powder coated aluminum or stainless steel proves to be one of the best choices for the perfect umbrella on almost every occasion.

Round, rectangular, triangular and square sunshades are available from numerous manufacturers. There is hardly anything else that does not exist.

Create a well-being oasis on your own terrace!

pendalex sunshade of fabric amp umbrella glatz

The appropriate accessories and the necessary spare parts are of course also delivered at home in the shops or online, at home. How about with LED lights, which are simply fastened directly under the umbrella or with an additional heating to the umbrella? Such supplements provide a cozy ambience with a touch of nightly romanticism, even if the sun has long since passed.

So, find your optimal shade solution for balcony, terrace or garden and enjoy the sun in moderation! Or maybe you need the right sunshade in the commercial or gastronomy sector? No problem! Well-known manufacturers such as Zangenberg, Weishäup, Glatz, May and Umborsa – to name but a few – have the right product for you.

The editorial team wishes you much fun!

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