The zero energy house: The sustainable way to build

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Renewable sources of energy and sustainability are known for a long time. Away from fossil fuels like oil and gas, to a reasonable energy consumption and a minimal ecological footprint! This principle should apply not only to industry and transport, but also to housing, as well as to everyday life. As a result, more and more ambitious targets and ever higher standards are being set in all areas.

Efficiency house or low-energy house, for example, was regarded as the highest standard in terms of climate-conscious building in Germany in the 1990s. With rising electricity costs and fast developing, innovative technologies followed The so-called passive house , Whose technical upgrade variant is now the zero energy house.

What is a zero energy house?

In short, these are houses that consume zero energy. That is, a zero energy house is such a house in which a balanced energy balance is achieved. Particularly the construction method plays a fundamental role – energy-efficient insulation and building envelope as well as the heat protection glazing of all windows and doors. Experts also recommend to integrate a winter garden into the house if possible. This also enhances the living quality by providing extra light and soothing moist air. In addition, a winter garden helps to save energy and generates an appropriate portion of heat, which is appreciated by all residents, especially during the transitional periods.

Photovoltaic system solar energy passive house zero energy house

How does the energy generation at a zero energy house come about?

  • By heat pump: Thanks to this system, heat is removed from the outside area and made available to the house. Of course, it is best to use the energy generated by a Photovoltaic system Because only in this way can one speak about true sustainability. The best solution is a heat pump for floor and wall heating.
  • Solar Thermal: Through such a thermal solar system, solar energy is converted into heat energy and the heating system is also supported. Solarthermia is particularly suitable for the preparation of hot water. Depending on the roof orientation and inclination, as well as the collector area, the amount of generated heat energy also increases.
  • Photovoltaic system: Solar energy is turned into electricity thanks to this technology. Excesses are then kept by battery storage for later or forwarded to the heating system of the house.

Zero energy house passive house photovoltaic solar energy energy efficiency

Zero energy house and Smart Home

The fast forward Smart Home Concept Goes hand-in-hand with a zero-energy house. Through innovative Smart Home systems, electricity and energy consumption can also be significantly reduced. Intelligent control by means of smart radiators and thermostats as well as by heat sensors optimizes all activities in the own four walls and protects both the purse and the environment at the same time. There are even smart home products that generate their own operating current or those that make your home even more comfortable and comfortable and provide something for you. How about it, for example With a cute solarium on the desk In the office or on the chest of drawers? We find them great!

Smart home energy efficiency innovation zero energy house


A zero energy house means thinking about the future and living it for a long time. This reduces costs and protects the environment. With such houses, higher standards are set for building and living and an ever-higher vision is striving for, such as the Plusenergiehaus. This house is often referred to as a small power station because it has a plus energy balance.

Smart home furnish energy saving energy efficiency increase

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