Tie Tie Instructions – 11 Rare And Elegant Examples That Make You Women’s Heroes

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Do you know where the tie comes from?

After a victory over the Ottomans, a Croatian (then Austria-Hungary) regiment in 1660 visited the French capital Paris. The soldiers were presented heroically to King Lui the X IV. The French king was known for his aesthetic sense. On the day of the meeting between the regiment and the king, the soldiers wore handkerchiefs in bright colors. Presumably these handkerchiefs came from the Romans, who kept their vocal bands warm. The”neckties”impressed the French king so much that he made it a flash of lightning to a symbol of royal honor. Thus, the regiment of the royal tie”Regiment Royal Cravattes”

“The tight tie is the first serious step in life”- O.Wild

Tie Tie Tie Tie Instructions whole body

Tie tie – where does this ritual come from?

It was not long before this fashion reached the British island. It was then unimaginable to go as a well-dressed nobleman without a tie on the street. In some cases the men had to wear the neckties so high that they could hardly move their heads.

There have still been cases in which the coarse necktie had been life-saving in the saber attack.

Practically or not, the tie belongs to the outfit of the businessman

Tie tie instruction mode

Since then, the necktie fashion has no limits. There were unlikely many models of ties, flies, and handkerchiefs. There were more than 100 knot types when binding. The biggest offense for a man was to catch him by the collar or tie.

In the 1960s, with the high point of the sexual revolution, the outlines of many traditions were lost. Among them, wearing a tie. The 70s have brought the tie back into life.

There are a number of features that should be considered when choosing the right necktie

Tie tie Instructions pratshelby and nicky knot ready

Why is wearing a tie important?

Many scientists and fashion historians point out the abolition of the necktie, because it is the only accessory that has no practical application at all. The reality is different. Men in leading positions like to wear ties. Beginners follow their role models and so the tie becomes a symbol of success and ambition.

Pure fashion, the tie not only covers the buttons of the shirt, but emphasizes the male body in the vertical. A similar effect is observed in the military uniforms. With a tie, the shirt is no longer so desolate and the male upper body is visually centered.

The van Wijk variant was developed especially for the Prince of Monaco

Tie tie Instructions vanWijk knoten fertig

In many situations, there is obligatory dress code, which also includes the tie. Although tie-making has a long tradition in men’s fashion, there are still many men who stand desperately in front of the mirror in the morning and do not know how to help. Tie a tie instruction is always helpful, especially if the step by step is explained in detail.

In this article, we offer you some fast and original ways, which will tie you like a virtuoso to your tie.

Exclusive and noble is the Onassis knot

Tie tie Instructions onassis knot ready

The Half Windsor Knot

The half-wind knot is common, symmetrical and makes you look very elegant and chic

Somewhat more common and frequent is the half-windor node type

Tie tie instruction half windsor knot

The Hanoverian knot

You can see how the Hannover node can be implemented in the enclosed video

Tie tie instruction hanover knot

The Onassis Knot

Tie this tie is very rare and untypical and will make you the star of the evening, because everyone will simply look at your tie. At first he was seen on the body of the Greek businessman Aristotle Onassis. The base of the node is the Windsor node. To recommend in this case is to choose a patterned tie.

By far the most elegant and noble way to wear a tie

Tie Tie Instructionsonon knot

The oriental knot

A simple and fast way to tie the tie. Looks very symmetrical and elegant and fits to carry in the office.

The Persian or Oriental knot can easily be bound by itself

Tie tie Instructions oriental knot signpost

The Balthus Knot

This type of binding is unbalanced, but unique

Break the frame and always try something new

Tie tie Trinity knot signpost

Trinity nodes

With this knot you gain the complete attention for itself.

Make sure that the fabric, the pattern, your own size and figure matches the length of the tie

Tie tie instruction

The diagonal node

For this type of binding, some patience and experience would be helpful. The knot is a bit painful, but fits perfectly to official evening dresses

The diagonal knot is very original and medium weight for self binding

Tie tie instruction diagonal knot

The four-ring knot

This is definitely a unique knot. You should tie the tie slightly loosely to get the effect of the 4 rings. It looks best when the tie is monochrome and silky. For a sparkling wine reception at dusk, this knot would be absolutely fantastic.

Forget wearing a tie is boring!

The Pratt knot

The Pratt knot is versatile, elegant and medium in size. Matching to bright fabrics and patterns. With such a tie you can never go wrong.

If you feel unsafe, select the Pratt node

The Plattsbourg knot

Wide cones and narrow opening – in this kind of ties it would be optimal to choose a woven or knitted necktie.

For gentlemen with good sense, we recommend the Plattsbourg knot

The”real love”knot

As beautiful and as complicated as its name is the penultimate knot called Real Love. A lot of experience is required here. The twisted and complex node is divided by four quadrants. Notice the effect of the wind turbine! This node is not for little guys. He is only for real seducers!

A knot for someone who knows the real life

Van Wijk knots

The VanWijk knot is very rare and one of the longest and largest in the category. With a little diligence it would be possible to bind the self. He also looks best at striped neckties.

A truly ingenious and royal knot

Tie tie Instructions van Wijk knoten signpost

Tie tie instruction

We hope to have given you the right tips again!

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