Trespa® Plates And What Can Be Made Of Them

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Trespa® plates have long been synonymous with HPL plates. Although other manufacturers also produce this plastic sheet material, the Dutch manufacturer of the same name is one of the most important market leaders in the industry worldwide. HPL stands for high-pressure laminates (Dt. High-pressure laminates). Thus the Trespa® boards and thus also all other HPL boards are basically made of kraft paper or wood fibers, which are compressed in the inner layer of the board under high pressure and at high temperatures. This makes the core more stable and robust. The outer sides of each HPL plate are then normally impregnated with phenolic resin and then again laminated under high pressure.

The composition of an HPL plate

hpl plates trespa composition

Why choose Trespa® plates?

HPL generally has numerous advantages that favor a purchasing decision. Initially used only as a façade cladding, windboards or gables, the material has long since established itself in interior design as well as in the advertising sector, especially in the form of advertising gangs on the stadiums.

No wonder, because HPL not only defies large temperature fluctuations and UV radiation but also moisture, dust and dirt. Robust and durable, the Trespa® boards are often the first choice for construction projects and design designs as well as for many smaller DIY projects at home.

The exceptional hardness of the upper layer of the material is also very easy and fast to clean. Graffiti is hardly attached to it. The uncomplicated processing of the HPL plates is added to the easy maintenance and minimal maintenance. And indeed, these can be processed just like hardwood. Drilling and milling as well as cutting and gluing are easy to carry out with the right tools. Thanks to the specific pigmentation, the plates are produced in different shades of color as well as in wood, stone or metal optics.

Trespa® panels are simply perfect as facade claddings

What can be done with HPL plates?

As described above, this material is versatile and widely popular and preferred in many respects both in construction and in interior design. We show here 5 concrete possibilities to use HPL panels for living, furnishing and even DIY projects. For this purpose, you can order Trespa® slabs cut-to-size online.

# 1 Shelf and work surface for the kitchen

The variety of decors, textures and colors on HPL panels makes it the perfect choice for any interior style and taste. The high scratch resistance of the material makes it ideally suited for storage areas in the own four walls as well as particularly in the case of the highly stressed worktop in the kitchen.

Elegant work surface with stone-like texture

work plate stony surface hpl plates

# 2 bathroom furniture and wall cladding

The HPL is no less suitable for the wet rooms, for example for the bathroom and the laundry room. As wall coverings or as fronts for any kind of furniture, the material looks very classy and trendy. Stone, wood or glass optics round off the interior and ensure a successful interior design, which can satisfy even the finest taste.

Stylish bathroom with PHL-plates

bathroom furniture shower cubicle panel hpl panels

# 3 Table top for couch or dining table

In many collections of well-known and new designers as well as furniture manufacturers the Trespa® panels are favorites. Especially table tops of couch and dining tables, as well as side tables and chests of drawers look very elegant and stylish and fit perfectly into the modern room design.

Contemporary furniture design from HPL

# 4 Original cutting boards

From HPL panels, you can create stunning living accessories and small furniture without the need for much time and money, such as hexagonal cutting boards, which can be seen below. The only thing to do is cut the plates into the desired shape, preferably with a jigsaw, and then glue them together with a special glue.

Hexagonal cutting boards themselves

cutting boards of trespa hpl plates

# 5 Various DIY furniture ideas

The creativity and the imagination are almost limitless with HPL plates. With the correct instructions and the desired color and texture you can build beautiful kitchen commodes, cabinets, wall shelves and much more. Other materials such as real wood, rattan, plastic etc. also fit perfectly.

Simple and practical DIY furniture made of HPL boards

white hpl plates trespa braided baskets

We hope that with our tips and ideas, we have created more clarity regarding Trespa® plates and have given you the necessary portion of inspiration.

The editorial team wishes you lots of fun!

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