Waffle Alarm – Tempting Waffle Recipes And Wafflecafes Recommendations

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We all love waffles, whether they are garnish with quark and fresh berries or with hot cherries and ice. For the popular bakery there is no real season or an ultimate recipe. Throughout the year, big and small are delighted by this sweet temptation to be eaten freshly baked. And because the waffles have caused an insatiable stir for decades, this topic deserves our full attention.

Waffle recipes strawberry ice cream

Waffle recipes and ideas for the summer

It does not look quite yet after summer, but if the mood is correct, we can cut the summer without heat or sunrays. Delicious waffle recipes can always be used for the spontaneous visit or planned brunch. Whether you prefer hearty waffles or classic quark waffles, it is always good to have a handful of ideas and recipe suggestions for the event.

Waffle recipes

Waffle recipes

Easy to waffle

With this simple recipe, you can finally bake your own waffles. With your own creations, you can inspire your friends and determine the health value of the ingredients themselves.

Waffle recipes healthy


100g butter

100g sugar

3 eggs

100g flour

0.25g baking powder

1 pinch of salt

150 ml of milk

1 pack of vanilla sugar

Waffle recipes strawberry ice cream

Preparation: (With or without waffle iron)

All ingredients are blended together to form a smooth mixture and baked to the desired tan in the desired form. The waffles of the waffle iron are quite fantastic and very authentic, but the choice is left to you all by yourself.

Waffle recipes healthy and hearty
Waffle recipes strawberry jam

Sweet or hearty waffles

The wafers we all like can be used as a dessert but also as the main ingredient of a saturating breakfast. Popular are the waffles with ice, with nutella, jam or powdered sugar, but also with curd and fruits or even with cream or Ice is a pleasure to be seduced , Less known but highly recommended are the hearty waffle recipes, which are offered in many modern restaurants or wafflecafes. Good, fast and simple idea for a Sunday brunch would be hearty waffles with spinach and bacon. The vegetarians can replace the bacon with Halumi cheese and garnish with a lot of rucola and hemp seeds. Just try the enclosed recipe for waffle dough and the right coating will come to mind.

Waffle recipes strawberry
Waffle recipes strawberry hearty waffles

Best shops and wafflecafes

There are still many people who prefer to do everything themselves and spend hours for friends and family at the stove. But those who prefer to travel and want to discover something new and good, should consider the following shops and waffle cafes.

Waffle recipes

Waffle Brothers / Berlin


Here you can fully enjoy your leisure time in the company of a Belgian waffle and be sure that everything is fresh and baked with love.

Waffle recipes

Waffle & Friends / Munich


It is rumored that these are the best waffles in the Bavarian capital. Fine baked goods are offered and enjoyed here. If you are looking for traditional but very refined baking creations, you will be pleasantly surprised by this excellent shop.

Waffle recipes brunch healthy raspberries

North Coast / Hamburg


If you like to have breakfast until late in the afternoon, you should visit Cafe Winkler’s place in the beautiful Hansestadt Hamburg, where you can try out the mighty topings of the waffles.

Waffle recipes

Foxberry Frozen Yogurt / Cologne

In Cologne you can always experience something, but what you should not miss is this ice cream parlor, of course the waffles there. There are also more than enough tasty offers for vegans!

Waffle recipes strawberry yellow

Waffel Dream / Hannover

Hanover always surprises again and especially in terms of trends. The fusion between tradition and modernity can be recognized very well in this centrally located waffle shop. Should you still ponder how you can resist this sweet temptation? The only solution would be to give it to her.

With this in mind we would like to wish you a lot of fun (with or without a fortune)

Waffle recipes
Waffle recipes strawberry ice cream in the bed healthy

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