What Helps Against Wrinkles: 7 Important Tips That Are Easy To Follow

Minutes, days, years…. Time just keeps on going and nobody gets spared. Unfortunately, our skin is not. It degrades over time and becomes thinner and less radiant. The dreaded wrinkles are despite the latest anti wrinkle face creams, Botox, hyaluronic acid and Beauty surgeries are just there and they will not be less. Wrinkles form over time and often cause us worry and some discomfort. How can we protect ourselves from the formation of wrinkles? Well, it would only be quite possible if we do not age anymore. But science has not reached that, or at least not sustainable enough. Maybe there are a few clever tips that can serve as an answer to the question,”What helps against wrinkles?”. We researched and collected 7 simple tips for you. Take a look at them in peace. Have you already thought of it yourself or did you not know it yet?

7 Tips: What helps against wrinkles?

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# 1 The right diet

Healthy beauty comes from within, especially through a balanced diet. Much fruit and vegetables are a must here, in the first place, these are pure on Youth Vitamin E, such as avocado and cucumber, for example. Even walnut and rapeseed oil or similar products that contain a great deal of omega-3 fatty acids are a real elixir for the skin.

High-fiber foods also regulate digestion and bring the metabolism on the go. Of course, this also automatically affects our skin. She looks younger and smoother.

Important! Avoid sugar, especially the refined product, which is harmful to our organs anyway and ultimately is made up of end product on the protein fibers of the skin. So this is no longer elastic enough and wrinkles are simply preprogrammed.

Prepare fresh salads with olive oil more often

eat healthy what helps against wrinkles

Avocado, salmon and nuts are real beauty experts

salmon avocado nuts what helps against wrinkles
avoid sugar what to do against wrinkles

# 2 water, water, water…

Drink enough water is important. Everyone knows that. Our body is up to 70% water and we need daily supplies of it. You can try one month for all other drinks except pure water, unsweetened fruit and herbal tea and freshly squeezed juices. The result: young looking, fresher skin! Change the water sources more often – sometimes tap water, sometimes distilled water or high-quality mineral water, preferably from the glass bottle. So you provide your body with a large amount of important minerals and help purify it at the same time.

Drink healthy and beautiful!

# 3 Antioxidants like ginger oil

It has long been known that antioxidants protect against free radicals. And these are among the biggest enemies of our skin, because they destroy their cells. The im ginger abundant gingeroil is like a miracle cure for the skin. Because it helps against wrinkles by regulating the fluid balance and the lymphatic system and stimulating the metabolism. Drink more ginger tea or water and wear natural cosmetics on the face enriched with ginger.

Miracle drug ginger oil

ginger healthy effect what helps against wrinkles

# 4 Get enough sleep

Just sleep away your wrinkles! Maybe it sounds exaggerated, but healthy sleep can even be seen on the skin. Because when you are well rested, your facial skin is brighter and smoother. It is also no wonder, because during sleep our body has the opportunity to regenerate and start fresh again in the day.

# 5 Attention: UV rays!

Direct UV radiation over a long period of time not only increases the risk of skin cancer, but also promotes the formation of wrinkles. The skin becomes severely dehydrated and its cells are damaged. The aging process is amplified a lot and that can be felt and in the long run even from the outside. That’s why caution is needed. Never leave your skin exposed to prolonged sunlight in the blazing sun. Always use high quality sunscreen sufficient UV protection , wear sun hat and lie on the beach a little further away from the water, under a reliable UV sunshade. Foods that contain carotenoids, such as tomatoes and carrots, should provide additional help here.

Depending on the skin type, find the right sunscreen product

Sunscreen UV rays which helps against wrinkles

Never overdo it with the tanning salon!

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# 6 Alcohol and smoking are absolute no-goes

Cigarettes and alcohol are not only bad for our general well-being, but also for our skin. Because they dry out and thereby promote the appearance of facial wrinkles. In addition, these substances in principle have an unpleasant effect on the whole complexion and enormously accelerate the aging process.

Avoid it or minimize your consumption as much as possible

give up alcohol and cigarettes which helps against wrinkles
give up smoking which helps against wrinkles

# 7 Reduce stress and exercise

Similar to Healthy sleep Relaxation and exercise also have a very positive effect on our skin. Especially on the face can be noticed relatively quickly, and not only on the relaxed facial expression and beautiful smile, but on the smooth, radiant skin. Now, blood and energy flow much freer, providing a better balance of body and mind.

Do not allow the stress to make you look older!

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Learn to meditate more often

meditation practice what helps against wrinkles

Go jogging in good company!

jogging what helps against wrinkles

Of course, a few laugh lines can make us look even more charming. Many of the wrinkles are often not so great and we do not necessarily want them on our face or at least not get them so fast, but rather shift them in time. We hope these 7 tips will help you and have even started to try them out for yourself.

We keep our fingers crossed and wish you much success and a longer time with less ugly wrinkles!

Mimic folds can also be deliberately minimized

what helps against wrinkles

Especially on the forehead, these occur more often

which helps prevent wrinkles face

Let only high quality natural cosmetics to your skin!

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Yoga has a positive effect on the whole body

yoga helps against wrinkles

If you like it more dynamic, perhaps Zumba might be right for you

zumba train what helps against wrinkles

Green smoothies are full of antioxidants and minerals

Green smoothies drink what helps against wrinkles

Wrinkles or not try to take the natural aging process a bit more relaxed and just wink at it smiling!

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