When A Holiday Becomes A Nightmare – Before These Things You Should Be Able To Protect Yourself

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The entire family is looking forward to the annual holiday. It should be four weeks at a time in summer. Sun, beach and sea and at best quite cheap yet comfortable. The arrival is by car planned and of course with child and cone. Planning, organizing and finally booking is planned well in advance.

A nice hotel complex in the middle of Southern heart of Italy It should be and most like the same with food, so half board or even full board, if the price is right. It is eagerly saved all year round to enjoy this unique annual holiday. You can finally relax from stress and escape everyday life. The car is piqued, the tires are good, the tank is full and the engine is running.

The journey to the south can be done with packed suitcases and child and cone on board. However, at the beginning of the trip, some things can go wrong, and before you have reached the destination at all, some unforeseen things can happen that quickly spoil the holiday. Exactly so can also come on the spot from the supposed dream vacation a nightmare, if nothing is as one has imagined. A good protection in advance can be very important and of great advantage here.

Travel tips by car

The car strikes

The journey by car should be really well thought out over long distances. These are routes that are more than 1,000 kilometers to the south, even more so. Already the fact that the temperatures rise steadily and the heat can make so many cars efficiently, should be considered. Cooling and cooling of the car must work properly and should be checked. Taking breaks and small stops can help keep the temperature of the engine regenerated and the driver can rest for a few hours. If the car leaves the car and it is no longer possible, you should secure yourself well in the run-up and keep various possibilities of the return transport open. Adequate ADAC protection, for example, is worth gold. Even the start of the holiday without a car is still possible depending on the scope of protection.

Urlaupstipps on what one must pay attention

Flight fails

Also the can happen is probably for every vacationer an absolute nightmare. In the event of a weather-related failure, higher powers play a role, which is always always at the mercy of what is basically always to be expected. Most airlines offer enough compensation, but this is not always the case. Particularly with intermediate stops or intermediate landings with connecting flights, a simple flight to the destination can become an odyssey, which extends over several hours and has already swallowed one or the other holiday day. Here, too, you can either secure yourself in advance or, depending on the respective airline or the respective organizer of the trip. As a rule, the respective rights and obligations of airlines and travelers are anchored and listed in the contracts. Compensation claims and compensation can be taken into account here.

To have a perfect holiday

In an emergency well secured

In order to protect itself well before big and also smaller problems in advance, it is not wrong to secure accordingly. A good way to provide some insurance companies for example is via a corresponding Compact Travel Protection Package at. So you have several birds with one flap at the same time and mostly one is thereby also much more favorable than with insurance, which only in the individual and also only for individual circumstances assure. It is important to read in detail the small print in which frame and under which conditions a guarantee is guaranteed.

Book hotel room correctly

The hotel, a single construction site

Finally. After several hours of exhausting car drive then the. The supposedly modern and comfortable hotel with four stars turns out to be an absolute construction site, which is still extremely unclean and unhygienic. The rooms are narrow and small and certainly not as advertised and announced. The bathroom, a single crack with mold in the shower and rusted taps. The beds put through and instead of the sea as promised, the view falls from the window directly to a construction site next door. What now? To complain with the hotel management often helps , But also the offered alternative can be a nightmare if it is offered in the same house.

Here, too, we need to be well-protected in the run-up, and to be prepared for the cases. Not every accommodation is also exactly as promised and not every organizer is finally to his word. Legal safeguards are good, but do not help at first so quickly and do not always attack immediately.

Remarkable holiday tips for perfect holiday

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