Why The Good Quality Of Guild Clothing Is So Important

In the modern age in which we live, many young people are looking for jobs that are at the service of our highly evolving society. No one can imagine an existence without a computer, smartphone or Internet and does not want to do without it. No one thinks that there are professions that can continue to run well without modern technology. The century-old occupation of the carpenter proves that this is possible if one adheres to fixed rules and is ready for adventure.

Carpenters, you know – the funny hikers, who are instantly recognizable by their sticks and hats, and the huge buttons on their clothing from far away. Have you ever wondered how they live and how they manage to always appear in clean and well-kept guild clothing in harsh weather and working conditions? And that, although they have no gap to change and during the wandering not allowed to go back home.

Guild clothing Zimmermann Zimmerfrau hitchhiking

In today’s article we would like to deal with the specifics of Zunftbekleidung The quality and sustainability we have come to expect since the profession is known to us.

Guild clothing – weatherproof and sustainable

If you are on a journey for 3 years and a day, you have a single divide.

For this reason, it would be useful if it is as long-lasting as possible. Such a special guild clothing should be made of easy care and sustainable substances be made. On the buttons on the coat or on the vest one reads off the training years of the carpenter and it would therefore be important that they are sewn tight and stay healthy. The guild trousers should allow every movement of the craftsman and be protected from wear. The hat of the carpenter carries the meaning of the free man and should always be kept in good condition. Of course, the carpenter needs a reliable Bag for his tool which is also absolutely comfortable to wear.

Guild clothes Zimmermann Zimmerfrau

This whole”clothing system”requires a lot of diligent thinking and understanding of the functionality of the divide. You should also know exactly the needs of the carpenters and best of all have been one yourself.

It would be logical and also desirable if the clothing for a profession originating from Germany is also developed and produced in Germany.

Guild clothing Zimmermann girl

Reliable fabrics from head to toe

In recent years, people talk a lot about sustainability. Many people have to rethink their entire lives and suddenly start to care about the environment and who really makes their clothes.

Carpenters are not worried about the sustainability of their clothing because they have the same lifestyle as they did 800 years ago and the trend remains the same.

So that the guild clothing is indeed so stable and functional, does not lose any of its unique silhouette and is still upgraded, every day diligent designers and developers here in Germany are looking for better and more durable fabrics. Experts always check under what conditions the goods are produced, so that every garment is of the desired quality.

Master crafts or vocational schools can directly imprint the printing of their company logo on behalf.

Guild clothing carpenter rooftop

Work clothing made to measure for young and old

If you can not find anything in the usual brands for yourself or the workwear is not right, you should already tailor its gap to measure. Since work clothing also has important functions, you could tell the tailor your suggestions for improvement or your personal wishes.

Guild clothing carpenter cutout

In a profession that is 800 years old and still remains so emblematic and present, you will always be emotionally attached. Even if you do not practice the profession for a long time, you would like to remember one thing or another. Christmas is coming soon and some people are lacking gift ideas. Now we suggest one! Give your toddlers guild clothing that allows you to play and work wild! The divide is a piece of history that deserves to be narrated further.

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